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Rainbow Village Taiwan in Taichung – Is It Worth It? 2024 Guide + Photos

The Rainbow Village in Taiwan (Taichung) –  彩虹眷村 – is a popular tourist attraction and Instagram hotspot but is it worth visiting? After a recent spate of vandalism at the Rainbow Village Taiwan (ironically by those who were paid to look after it), many of the original features and walls have now been painted over […]

Bugcat Capoo Shop Taiwan & Foam Cat Cafe in Taichung + Photos

Bugcat Capoo (貓貓蟲咖波) is one of the most popular Taiwan cartoon characters, a cute cross between a blue cat and a bug, created by Taiwan illustrator Yara (亞拉). Bugcat Capoo has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in 2024. Such is the popularity of Bugcat Capoo in Taiwan, […]

National Taiwan Museum of Comics Taichung Guide + Photos 2024

Opened in Taichung in December 2023, the National Taiwan Museum of Comics is one of Taiwan’s newest tourist attractions, with many more sections to open in 2024. Chock full of comic-book attractions, archives and exhibitions, the entire site will continue to expand until it fully opens in 2029. We visited the National Taiwan Museum of […]