Pop Mart Ximending Taipei – Taiwan’s flagship store + Photos 2024

Pop Mart Ximen’s four storey flagship store is now open and one of Taipei’s top toy-stores.

One of Ximending’s newest attractions for 2024 and a cool collectible toy shop in Taipei, Pop Mart Ximen spans four floors and even has an exhibition space, VIP lounge and recording studio (not to mention thousands of blind boxes and collectibles).

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Pop Mart Ximen Taipei

When Pop Mart Ximen first opened in late December 2023, people queued around the block to get in and check out all the exclusive merchandise and opening offers plus see the magnificent MEGA SPACE MOLLY showcase.

Even the Pop Mart Ximen building looks the part, with vintage movie theater vibes inside and out.

From the Pop Mart range to a floor by floor overview, here is our ultimate guide to Pop Mart Ximen Mega / flagship store in Taipei, Taiwan in 2024 (with photos):

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

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What is Pop Mart?

Pop Mart is a Chinese collectible toy company that is famous for its blind boxes and colourful cartoon characters.

Pop Mart characters and toys are available in over 20 countries (including Taiwan) and have over 350 Pop Mart stores and over 2,000 physical Pop Mart Roboshops worldwide.

Disney Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

Pop Mart has thousands of different individual toys and sets to collect including popular series like Molly, Skull Panda, Dimoo and Hirono, plus tie-ins with big companies and character franchises like Disney and Harry Potter.

Pop Mart has grown rapidly since it began as a small store in Beijing by founder Wang Ning in 2010. Just 10 years later in 2020, Pop Mart already had 200 stores and have sold 50 million toys in one year alone – a huge success story!

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

Pop Mart Taiwan Overview

The Pop Mart Ximen store is the biggest Pop Mart store in Taiwan as of early 2024 (and also the Taiwan Pop Mart flagship store).

The first Pop Mart physical store in Taiwan opened in 2022 at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 in Taipei, in the Xinyi district, near the famous Taipei 101 building.

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

As of March 2024, there are four Pop Mart stores and dozens of Roboshops in Taipei City.

In addition to the big retail stores, there are multiple Pop Mart Roboshops across Taiwan including in Kaohsiung, Chiayi city, Taoyuan and Tainan.

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

A visit to Pop Mart Ximen

We visited Pop Mart Ximen most recently in early 2024 about a month after it first opening – thankfully the long queues to get into Pop Mart in the first few days of opening has since vanished – but it is still VERY busy inside!

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

As you first approach, the Pop Mart Ximending store literally is MEGA – it looks huge and is reminiscent of an old school movie theater, complete with Hollywood style cinema billboards and lightbulbs.

In fact, even if you aren’t a Pop Mart fan, it is still so worth a visit, just for the experience and opulent interiors.

The Pop Mart Ximending store has four floors, which we’ll look at in more detail:

  • Floor 1 – Blind Boxes and Exclusive Pop Mart Merchandise
  • Floor 2 – PopBean and IP Merchandise
  • Floor 3 – Broadcast and Mega Pop Mart
  • Floor 4 – Monthly Showcase (alas closed on our visit).

Pop Mart Ximen – Floor 1; Blind Boxes and Exclusive Merchandise

The first floor (ground level) at Pop Mart Ximending is brimming with blind boxes (mystery boxes), cabinets full of collectibles plus some huge Pop Mart figures.

grand duckoo hotel pop mart

Be sure to check out the huge Skull Panda Red Beret Diva model in the elevator plus the massive Pop Mart Skull Panda taxi in the window (which you can also see from outside).

Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

We found floor 1 the busiest place, where most people were frantically searching shelves and shaking the mystery boxes – lots of staff were also on hand to help out!

transformers pop mart

Floor 2 – PopBean and IP Merchandise

The second floor of Pop Mart Ximen is all about its IP range, featuring characters such as Disney or Harry Potter.

Here you’ll find such characters as Disney’s Snow White, Toy Story, Ariel The Little Mermaid in Pop Mart form plus League of Legends, awesome Astro Boy toys and Care Bears.

Also look out for Pop Mart perennial favourites like Pino Jelly, Cry Baby, Dimoo and Pucky.

On level 2, there is also a customizable area where you can create your own unique PopBean figurines or frames. Many of the frame types were sold out when we visited – but it had just opened so they will likely restock soon.

The create your own customizable Pop Mart PopBean figures (where you fill transparent cases in the shape of popular Pop Mart figures) started from 1700 TWD for the figure with 28 pieces to put inside.

Pop Mart customizable Pop Mart PopBean figures Ximen Taipei
Pop Mart customizable Pop Mart PopBean figures Ximen Taipei
Pop Mart customizable Pop Mart PopBean figures Ximen Taipei
Pop Mart customizable Pop Mart PopBean figures Ximen Taipei

Floor 3 – Pop Mart Broadcast and MEGA Pop Mart

For us, this was our favourite floor at Pop Mart Ximen as the setting and styling was superb and looked incredible.

Easily the most Instagrammable Pop Mart Ximen floor, we can only describe this as a MEGA Space Molly museum, celebrating MEGA SPACE MOLLY in all her forms – it almost felt like a sublime showroom.

MEGA Space Molly museum Pop Mart Ximending Taipei
MEGA Space Molly museum Pop Mart Ximending Taipei
MEGA Space Molly museum Pop Mart Ximending Taipei

On the third floor, there is a Pop Mart Broadcast studio where they do live streaming sessions (it looked like they’d just finished a Pop Mart live stream when we visited as the studio was full of toys).

There was also a small theater and Pop Mart VIP lounge (for Very Important Pop Marts we guess!).

Floor 4 of Pop Mart Ximen was open in early 2024 when we visited but it promises to host Pop Mart exhibitions and beautiful things to buy in the future.

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Pop Mart Ximen opening hours

Pop Mart Ximen flagship store is open from 11am daily until 10pm Monday to Thursday and until 10.30pm Friday and Saturday.

How to get to PopMart

The closest MRT station to Pop Mart Ximending flagship store is Ximen MRT – take exit 6 and walk along the road in front of you for approximately 1 minute. Pop Mart Ximen will be on your left.

PopMart Ximen address

Pop Mart Ximending, 10844, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Emei St, 52號B1, Taipei, Taiwan

You’ll also find a Pop Mart RoboShop vending machine in the basement of nearby Eslite bookstore.

Pop Mart RoboShop vending machine in the basement of Eslite bookstore Ximending
Pop Mart RoboShop

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