Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei – Guide + Photos 2024

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Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei – not only a cute name but a sublime street-mall in Taipei that  is full of cool cafes, decadent dessert shops plus gorgeous gift stores galore.

Opened in late 2022 and located on the site of a former prison built in the early 1900s during the Japanese colonial period, Taipei’s Rongjin Gorgeous Time Japanese style buildings has quickly become one of Taipei’s best hipster hangouts and characterful creative districts.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

Popular with shoppers and coffee connoisseurs, the architecture and Japanese influences here make this a popular Instagram posing place. You can even rent Japanese kimonos at Rongjin Gorgeous Time using the traditional setting and wooden exteriors as a beautiful backdrop reminiscent of Kyoto.

From craft beer bars to beetle ice-cream cones, wonderful waffles to the best bakeries, here is our ultimate guide to Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei, Taiwan in 2024 (with photos):

Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

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How to get to Rongjin Gorgeous Time

Located in Taipei’s Da’an District and newly opened in September 2022, the best way to get Rongjin Gorgeous Time is by Taipei MRT or public bus.


There are three MRT stations nearby:

  • Dongmen Station – exit 3 (approx a 10 minute walk)
  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station – exit 3 (approx a 13 minute walk)
  • Guting Station, exit 5 (approx a 13 minute walk)

By bus

Take public bus 214, 237, 257,606, 670 or Neihu Technology Park Express Bus 2 or 3 and alight at the stop called ‘Center for Public and Business Administration Education at National Chengchi University (NCCU)’.

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Architecture and arriving at Rongjin Gorgeous Time

The first thing you notice when arriving at Rongjin Gorgeous Time (other than lots of people posing for photographs) is the lovely red brick walls combined with the wooden architecture of the Japanese style buildings, bars and restaurants.

A little piece of Kyoto in Taiwan, Rongjin Gorgeous Time certainly lives up to its name.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

We most recently visited in spring 2024 and there was an abundance of spring flowers, beautiful blooms and pink blossom petals across the site.

The Rongjin Gorgeous Time kimono rental store Hanaikada (and photography studio) was doing a roaring trade with lots of people having photographs in traditional Japanese dress.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

The site is blessed with old banyan trees as well, many of which are listed and protected – some are so huge on the pavements, you have to duck below them and they have ‘mind your head’ signs.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time bills itself as a ‘Lovely Place’ and outdoor street mall and on a warm sunny day, there is no better place in Taiwan to browse shops, grab some lunch or coffee then reward yourself with a cold craft beer (or three) at the Taihu Brewing Gyoza bar (which we rate highly – more on this later).

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The sad history of Rongjin Gorgeous Time

The original building that Rongjin Gorgeous Time is based in was a Taipei (Taihoku) prison, built at the start of the 20th century to house Taiwanese prisoners during the Japanese colonial period.

The whole area of Taipei’s Fuzukimi and Niskhi around what is now Rongjin Gorgeous Time used to be a field which over time became a huge residential area where Japanese people and other immigrants gathered due to the construction of dormitories for Government departments.

After the prisoners here were relocated to the other, newer Taipei prison, the building was planned to be demolished in 1994 but after many battles, part of the site and the old banyan trees were listed in 2013 (although all that remains of the prison is a stone wall where the prison staff quarters used to be).

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Rongjin Gorgeous Time today

Rongjin Gorgeous Time has since sprang up breathing life into this once sleepy residential area of Taipei and is now one of the most popular free things to do in Taipei.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time taipei
Rongjin Gorgeous Time taipei

You can learn more about the history of Rongjin Gorgeous Time via the interpretative panels dotted across the site or via the visitor centre and museum which is free to visit and open daily.

Rongjin Gorgeous Time taipei
Rongjin Gorgeous Time visitor centre
Rongjin Gorgeous Time visitor centre

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Rongjin Gorgeous Time Directory – Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Shops

As of Spring 2024, there are 16 different businesses and shops located at Taipei’s Rongjin Gorgeous Time Directory.

Many of these are Japanese inspired shops and bars like Taihu Gyoza bar, Jee Woo Restaurant and the Hanaikada kimono rental and photography studio.

Some of the best places to visit include:

Taihu Brewing Dongmen Gyoza Bar

We visited the Taihu brewery bar at Rongjin Gorgeous Time for lunch and loved this place (one of several Taihu Brewery bars in Taipei and across Taiwan).

Taihu Brewing Dongmen Gyoza Bar taipei

As well as cracking craft beer, they specialise in gyozas and jiaozi dumplings and their interior is incredible with one heck of a sake collection – so if you want some highball action after a heady day of sightseeing, Taihu has you covered.

They also do a lunchtime special (until 4pm) where you can choose 8 dumplings of your choice, two sides (including karaage chicken) and a soft drink for NT$ 390 which we’d highly recommend.

P.S If you love craft beer and Taihu Brewing in particular, be sure to visit the tropical-tiki inspired Taihu Brewing Driftwood Bar in the Ximending neighbourhood. The decor is divine (like being on a desert island) and it can be found on the ground floor of the Papa Whale Hotel.

Kyushu Pancakes and Waffle

Located at the southern end of Rongjin Gorgeous Time, Kyushu is a hole in the wall pancake and dessert shop, popular for its flavoured ice-creams plus wonderful waffles.

Kyushu Pancakes and Waffle Taipei

We opted for the matcha green tea waffle (NT$75) and it was delicious (with a surprise sweet filling).

Kyushu pancakes and waffles are takeout only but there is a nice seating area in a Japanese style garden complete with benches just next door, to the rear of Ronjin Gorgeous Time.

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Beetle Secret Realm Dessert Shop

Newly opened in January 2024, the Beetle Secret Dessert Shop is very easy to spot – just look for the BIG beetle outside the store, that looks like it is trying to crawl in.

Beetle Secret Realm Dessert Shop Taipei

The Beetle Secret Dessert shop specializes in beetle shaped ice-cream cones and pancakes which come in a variety of flavours like brown sugar mochi, oreo and seasonal specials.

Beetle shaped pancakes costs NT$90 whilst beetle ice-cream cones start from NT$160 – prices correct as of April 2024.

Beetle Secret Realm Dessert Shop Taipei
Beetle Secret Realm Dessert Shop Taipei

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Good Cho’s On The Road Bakery and Cafe

A popular bakery chain in Taipei, the Good Cho’s branch at Rongjin promises the ‘best bagels in Taipei’ and ‘on the road to be better’.

When we visited, this was easily the most popular daytime cafe here and every table was taken (so we opted for a takeaway coffee)..

Note that to dine inside at Good Cho’s Rongjin, there is a minimum purchase of at least one drink and food menu item per person.

Good Cho’s On The Road Bakery and Cafe Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

Simple Kaffa / The Coffee One

A quick mention of Rongjin Gorgeous Time’s best looking coffee shop albeit one that might be prohibitively expensive (depending on your Taipei travel budget).

The interiors are gorgeous here but the prices are so expensive. It is a minimum spend of NT$1,000 per person (plus service charge) and when we popped by on a weekday afternoon, it was empty inside with zero customers.

Hanaikada Kimono Rental

Given the Japanese style setting of Rongjin Gorgeous Time, it is popular for photo-shoots where people dress in traditional Japanese kimonos.

These can be hired from Hanaikada Kimono Rental (who can also provide a full photography service) between 11am and 6pm.

Hanaikada Kimono Rental Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

Simple Kaffa Super Kiosk

If you want a grab and go coffee as you arrive at Rongjin Gorgeous Time and don’t want to pay stupidly expensive prices of the Coffee One, Super Kiosk is run by the same peeps (Simple Kaffa) but at much more affordable prices.

Simple Kaffa Super Kiosk Rongjin Gorgeous Time

The full directory list of Rongjin Gorgeous Time bars, restaurants and cafes as of spring 2024 is as follows:

  • Super Kiosk cafe (takeaway only(
  • Simple Kaffa / The Coffee One Cafe (please note a NT$1000 minimum spend per person applies)
  • Ho-Ya Restaurant
  • Kyushu Pancakes and Waffle
  • Good Cho’s On the Road Bakery (minimum one drink and food item per person)
  • Taihu Brewing Dongmen Gyoza Bar
  • Beetle Secret Realm Dessert Shop (newly opened in January 2024)
  • Mon Bonbon mum and children shop
  • Pets Idea pet store
  • Cipu Shop
  • Jee Woo Izakaya style restaurant
  • JinJin Ding Dessert Shop
  • Hanaikada (kimono rental and photography studio)
  • Ad Vitam bath and beauty products
  • Pali Pali (new for 2024)
  • Good Care long term care service
Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei
Mon Bonbon
Mon Bonbon

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Other things to do near Rongjin Gorgeous Time in Taipei

Yongkang Street

Whilst visiting Rongjin Gorgeous Time, be sure to visit the bustling neighbourhood of Yongkang Street, packed full of coffee shops, delicious dessert shops and lots of gorgeous gift shops.

Yongkang Street Taipei

One of the coolest streets in Taipei, Yongkang Street is one of the best foodie destinations in Taipei.

We highly recommend the Tian Jin Onion Pancake stall (be prepared to queue), or grab some shaved ice and just watching the world go by in Yongkang Park.

Tian Jin Onion Pancake stall Taipei
Tian Jin Onion Pancake stall
Yongkang Park Taipei
Yongkang Park

Daan Park

A green oasis in a very busy city, Daan Forest Park is a sprawling open space popular with families and walkers.

Daan Forest Park Taipei

It has an outdoor auditorium, numerous fitness facilities and running tracks plus lots of flora and fauna including a eco-pond which is home to hundreds of birds (it is incredible to see).

We were also lucky enough to visit the 2024 Daan Park Azalea festival in Taipei where the park blooms into life with colorful floral displays of awesome azalea attracting thousands of visitors (and butterflies!)

Daan Park Azalea festival in Taipei
Daan Park Azalea festival in Taipei

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taipei, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is free to visit with a museum on the lower levels plus the famous changing of the guard ceremony that is held regularly.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei

The building is a national Taiwan monument and built in the memory of former President Chiang Kai-shek – the grounds are extensive and also one of the best places to spot cherry blossoms in Taipei in the spring months.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei

Rongjin Gorgeous Time admission

Rongjin Gorgeous Time is free to visit – the information center and museum here is also free entry.

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Rongjin Gorgeous Time opening hours

Rongjin Gorgeous Park is open from 11am to 8pm every day of the week.

Individual business hours may vary (for instance Taihu Gyoza Bar closes at 11.30pm on weekdays and 12.30am from Friday through to Sunday).

Rongjin Gorgeous Park Taipei Taiwan

Other things to know about Rongjin Gorgeous Time

  • There are often special / seasonal markets held on the weekends.
  • Japanese special events are often held here like mochi pounding workshops.
  • Check out the official Rongjin Gorgeous Time website for more information.
  • Cherry blossoms and sakura blooms at Rongjin Gorgeous Time in the spring.
  • There are free toilets onsite.
Rongjin Gorgeous Park Taipei Taiwan

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