Pokémon Center Taipei 2024 Guide + Photos 寶可夢中心台北

Time to go to the new Pokémen Center in Taipei, Taiwan!

Opened in December 2023, Taiwan’s biggest Pokémon Center in Taipei ( 寶可夢中心台北) is packed full of all your favourite Pokémon characters including exclusive Taiwan merchandise, trading card games, Pokémon Ga Ole machines plus Pokédex, Pokémon App Gallery and more.

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Pikachu Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

We joined the crowds and visited the new Pokémon Center Taipei in early 2024 – from all the cute merchandise to the awesome arcade machines, here is our ultimate guide to visiting the Pokémon Center Taipei with pictures:

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

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What is a Pokémon Center?

Pokémon Centers are located all over the world and are official stores for Pokémon collectibles and gifts, usually including cute items like plushies, backpacks, gift-sets plus Pokémon Ga Ole machines and trading card game areas.

china airlines model plane  Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Most of the Pokémon Centers are in Japan. As of April 2024, there are 22 Pokémon Centers in Japan but this is Taiwan’s first Pokémon Center! There is also another Pokémon Center in Singapore.

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

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Is the Pokémon Center Taipei Permanent or a Pop-Up?

The good news is that it appears to be permanent (well, for now) – we asked a member of staff and she said they had been very busy since they opened in December and they hoped it would stay open for a long time.

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

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Where is the Pokémon Center Taipei?

The top Taiwan Pokémon Center Taipei is located in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A11, on the third floor, in Taipei’s Xinyi district near Taipei 101.

It is easy to find – just follow the Pikachu stickers / graphics on the escalators to the third floor of the shopping mall or jump in the elevator to the third floor (some of which have Pokémon stickers).

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

The nearest stations to the Taipei Pokémon Center are Taipei City Hall on the blue Bannan line or the Xiangshan Station on the Tamsui Xinyi line. Both are around a five minute walk from the station to the center.

There are also several Pokémon Center Taipei graphics on the outside of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei mall so it is quite easy to ‘catch em all’.

Arriving at Pokémon Center Taipei

As you first visit the store, the Pokémon Center is cool and cute – the first thing you notice is the huge Dragonite and Pikachu model and immersive background, which features graphics plus a Taipei background unique to this Pokémon Center. It is a very popular photo spot!

 Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
 Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

On the left, you’ll see a bank of 6 Pokémon Ga Olé arcade machines (possibly with big queues depending on the time of day).

There is also a notice-board / sign board outside the entrance showing what products are limited edition (and limited to one per person).

It also shows which popular merchandise items are sold out – on our visit, the 3D EasyCard Commemorative Ball was sold out, as was the Pokémon ‘Hyper beam’ t-shirts.

The Taipei Pokémon store design is said to be inspired by an island theme surrounded by water and with islands all around (although we didn’t really notice this at the time) – it just feels like a well lit ‘palace of Pokémon’ pleasure and presents!

When we visited in April 2024 on a weekday afternoon, there were no queues to get in.

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

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Pokémon Centre Taipei Tickets

No tickets are currently needed to visit the Pokemon Centre Taipei, based on our weekday visit in April 2024. Tickets were in use when it first opened in December 2023 but we did not need an admission ticket on our visit so this appears to have been relaxed.

Depending on the day and visitor numbers, the Pokemon Centre Taipei website does mention that it may implement tickets and crowd control on busy days – so you may want to visit as early as possible on weekends and public holidays.

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Pokémon Ga Ole

This is one of the most popular attractions at Pokémon Taipei Center – there are several Pokémon Ga Ole arcade machines with a queuing area that can accommodate up to 140 people (i.e. 140 numbered spots in the line / queue-up area).

Pokémon Ga Ole  Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Ga Ole machines cost NT$10 per game and the machines are playable from 11am until 9pm every day (9pm is the very last coin input time according to the rules).

When we visited, there was a small queue with players of all ages – some players were so keen, they’d even brought their own pop up plastic chairs to sit in the queue and play on the Ga Ole machines.

Pokémon Ga Ole  Pokémon Center

Pokémon Trading Card Game

There is a dedicated area to Pokémon Trading Cards including several shelves of trading cards, glass cabinets for more popular trading cards, plus an actual trading card game playing area with several tables and chairs – there is also a trading card help desk.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Pokémon Trading Card Game Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokédex Taipei

The center has a small Pokédex section with two screens, with vital statistics and facts for every Pokémon character.

These were very quiet when we visited (as everyone was more interested in the exclusive Pokémon merchandise!)

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Pokémon Game & App Gallery

Featuring games and apps like Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite, this is where you could purchase or download the latest Pokémon gaming titles like Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Pokémon game prices cost between NT$1,550 (eg for Pokémon Legends Arceus) to NT$2,330.

Pokémon Game & App Gallery Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Pokémon Game & App Gallery Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Pokémon Center Taipei Merchandise and Gifts

All we can say is there is a HUGE range of Pokémon merchandise at the Taiwan Pokémon Center in Taipei including exclusive plushies and gifts available only in this store – and limited to one purchase per person.

The exclusive merchandise and plushies at Taipei Pokémon Center (inspired by Taiwanese fruits and night markets) are Curlypuff, Pikachu with pineapple ring glasses, Kuailong / Charmander with a fruit basket plus Teddiursa with a fruit drink – gotta collect them all!

Pikachu  plushie from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Kuailong / Charmander plushie from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Kuailong / Charmander
Teddiursa plushie from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
Curlypuff plushie from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Other Pokémon Center Taipei merchandise included:


The perfect gift for Pokémon Go phone players who don’t want to get wet chasing creatures outdoors!

umbrellas from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Backpacks and luggage

Pokémon backpacks and bags in various sizes are available.

bags from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
luggage from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Pikachu Tea Sets

Because creatures like a cup of tea too – Pokémon Tea sets are available in Jasmine tea or Oolong tea, both of which feature Pikachu and balloons on the packaging

You can even buy a Pokémon teapot and actual tea serving set (a nice way to relax after an energetic or involving game of Pokémon).

tea set from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
taiwan tea from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Jewellery and Earrings

One of the more affordable items of merchandise in the Pokémon Center Taipei, you can buy earrings with one piece costing NT$130 or 3 pieces at NT$350, plus hair clips.

pokemon center hair clip
pikachu earring

Chocolate Moulds / Chontama

Make your own Pokémon creatures out of chocolate!

pokemon chocolate mould

Cutlery and Chopstick sets

Chop chop! Get your hands on these pretty Pikachu picnic and dining sets in yellow and green colors.

Pokémon Collectibles

Re-Ment collectible goods and characters in blind boxes / mystery boxes are available all over the center.

blind boxes from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan
blind boxes from Pokémon Center

You can also find the Takara Tomy Pokepeace House and furniture sets.

Takara Tomy Pokepeace House  from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Our favourite had to be the Takara Tomy Pokémon claw machine game – amazing!

takara tomy claw machine from Pokémon Center

Beauty Products

We were quite surprised to see a range of Pokémon beauty products including a whole range of Pikachu face masks including the ‘Ultra Whitening Mask’ and ‘Pure Moisturizing Mask’.

pikachu face mask

Pokémon Food and Drink

There are plenty of food and drinks on display to chow down on later including a Pokémon China Airlines mixed snacks box plus various juices.

china airline mixed snack box from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan


Sock it to them – of course you can get Pokémon socks – these were one of the cheapest gifts and merchandise starting from NT$59 for a pair of children’s socks.

socks from Pokémon Center

Nanoblock Sets

Literally build your very own Pokémon creatures brick by brick.

There are over 20 different Nanoblock sets to collect and build in the Taipei Pokémon Center 寶可夢中心台北, costing NT$320 a packet.

nanoblocks from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Keeppley Pikachu Pokémon Center

We think this was our favourite Pokémon merchandise in the whole of the shop – a miniature version of the Pikachu Pokémon Centre. So a model of the shop within the shop – very meta! 

The Keeppley Pikachu Pokémon Center in Taiwan costs NT$1,995 – alas it wouldn’t fit in our suitcase or we’d be taking that home. Other Keeppley Pokémon sets are available too.

keeppley pokemon center toy from Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Pokémon Center Taipei Opening Times

The Taipei Pokémon Center is open daily:
Monday – Thursday and Sunday: 11am – 9.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 10pm

Please note the Ga Ole arcade machines are open daily between 11am and 9pm and no new players are allowed half an hour before the center closes.

Pokémon Center Taipei Taiwan

Pokémon Center Taipei Address

寶可夢中心台北, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A11 Third Floor, No.11, Songshou Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110, Taiwan.

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Taiwan Pokemon official website

Find out more information about Taipei Pokémon Center and more here >

Please note the Japanese for the Pokémon Center Taipei is ポケモンセンタータイペイ

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