Simple Kaffa Sola cafe in Taipei 101 天空興波 (highest cafe in Taipei)

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A ‘simple’ (Kaffa) way to get Taipei 101 views without paying the full admission price, Simple Kaffa Sola is the new Taipei 101 cafe and coffee shop located on the 88th floor of the Taipei 101 tower.

Opened in January 2023, Simple Kaffa Sola is also the highest / tallest cafe in Taipei, Taiwan (even more so now that the former Starbucks within Taipei 101 tower has now closed).

Whilst admission to the Taipei 101 starts from NT$600 (located one floor above the cafe on level 89), you can save money (and enjoy a drink) by buying a NT$180 Simple Kaffa coffee, which gains you admission to their 88th floor cafe.

For the ultimate Taipei brews with views, here is our guide to visiting Simple Kaffa Taipei 101 天空興波 on the 88th floor, including how to get reservation tickets, prices and photos.

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Taipei 101 Simple Kaffa Sola Ticket Reservation, Location + Photos

Located in the Xinyi district and financial centre, Taipei 101 Simple Kaffa is one of the best cafes in Taipei for good coffee and incredible cityscape views.

From Simple Kaffa 101, you can see many of the nearby landmarks like the Taipei Dome (the new baseball stadium in Taipei) plus nearby Songshan and Creative Park. You can even see the top of the Xinyi Apple store which is shaped like a massive Macbook; so cool!

To get to Simple Kaffa in Taipei 101 天空興波, you first need to make a reservation at the Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 desk located on the ground floor.

Note that the Simple Kaffa Sola 101 Taipei check-in desk is located in the reception area of the office building, not by the usual Taipei 101 observation deck entry desks.

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Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 Directions

The nearest Subway station to the correct Taipei 101 Simple Kaffa Sola entrance / elevator is exit 4 of the Taipei 101/World Trade Center Subway station on the red Tamsui-Xinyi line.

If you are walking to Taipei 101 from an alternative route or not using the subway station, the best way to find the Simple Kaffa Sola reservation desk is to look for the iconic Love sign and art installation on Xinyi Road directly below Taipei 101.

Look on Taipei Google Maps for “LOVE art installation – LOVE裝置藝術” and the entrance is near to this.

Love sculpture Xinyi Taipei 101

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Simple Kaffa Sola – how to get tickets

There are several ways to visit the Simple Kaffa Sola Cafe in Taipei 101 – but remember, given it is a cheap way to visit Taipei 101 (and Taipei’s highest cafe), it can be very popular and waiting times can be long.

Once you enter the Taipei 101 doors by the ‘Love’ art installation, head left and you’ll see several reservation desks including Simple Kaffa and Cafe Acme.

Taipei 101 entrance
Reservation desks to the left

We turned up on a Saturday afternoon in March 2024 to Taipei 101 and managed to get a walk-in take away coffee ticket to Simple Kaffa Sola without any queues and immediate access to the 88th floor.

However, if you want to get access to the seated dining area, you may have to wait a considerable amount of time.

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Waiting times

On our Saturday afternoon visit, the wait for a Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 table was 2 hours. This may be much longer during busier peak periods. We also visited on a very cloudy and overcast day, which might explain why we got access to the standing area of Simple Kaffa 101 without any queues.

Speak with the receptionist at the Simple Kaffa reception desk to get either a seated ticket or a take away ticket (which you can drink in the standing area of the cafe, or the area outside the cafe).

If you have a waiting time, there are several chairs and tables on the ground floor where you can wait.

Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101 ticket
Take away coffee ticket to Simple Kaffa cafe

Once you have your ticket you are directed to take the escalator up to the second floor. Here security staff will check your ticket and let you through the barrier to take the first elevator to the 60th floor of Taipei 101, then you will need to change to a second elevator to the 88th floor of Taipei 101, where Simple Kaffa is located (staff will assist you).

Escalator to the second floor
Barriers to the right with security, before first elevator
Change elevator on 60th floor

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Simple Kaffa Sola – pricing structure & coffee prices

Simple Kaffa Sola at Taipei 101 has several minimum pricing structures in place – in theory, you cannot visit the 88th floor cafe for free (although you could sneak up with your ticket and then just not go in but that is naughty).

The minimum spend at Simple Kaffa 101 for take away is $NT180 per person. This is based on the cheapest cups of coffee – an americano, latte or cappuccino (each costing $NT180).

Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101

Other example coffee prices and hot drink costs for Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 as of April 2024 include:

  • Simple Kaffa Cappuccino – $NT200
  • Simple Kaffa Latte – $NT200
  • Simple Kaffa Taiwanese Tea infused latte – $NT200
  • Coffee Ice Cream Float – $NT300
  • Earl Grey Tea – $NT300

Many of the light roasted and medium roasted signature coffees cost upwards of $NT300 to $NT600. For instance, a cup of ‘washed geisha’ Abu Panamanian coffee costs $NT600 at Simple Kaffa Sola.

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Simple Kaffa Taipei 101 – seating prices & minimum spend

We chose the take away ticket and drank our coffee in the standing area of Simple Kaffa Sola 101 as we didn’t want to wait several hours, and just wanted to enjoy a quick coffee with some nice views.

We also thought buying a $NT180 coffee to get to the 88th floor of Taipei 101 was a pretty good deal, when the entrance fee to get to the Taipei 101 observation deck one floor above is $NT600 (plus we got to drink a rather excellent coffee each – kerching!).

However, if you like to enjoy a Simple Kaffa coffee in style in the dining area, there are some minimum spend prices – for instance, to get a window seat, there is a minimum spend of $NT2,000 per table (around £50 / $62 USD / €58 per table).

Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 dining area
Simple Kaffa dining area
Simple Kaffa dining area

This can be achieved through buying drinks and food – or you can also buy coffee beans and gift bags to take back with you as part of the minimum spend.

The sofa in the bay window (which sits larger parties) has a minimum spend of NT$3,000 allocated to it.

Simple Kaffa 101 minimum spend prices are correct as of April 2024.

Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 coffee bags
Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101 coffee gifts
Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101 coffee gifts

Takeout coffee and standing area

After getting our reservation ticket on the ground floor, we headed on up to the cafe on the 88th floor of Taipei 101.

As we had take away tickets, we headed on over to the Simple Kaffa Sola serving counter and ordered a latte and double shot cappuccino (costing us $NT380 for both drinks).

We then grabbed a standing table (no seats) next to the window whilst we waited for our drinks to be made. It took around 20 minutes (so quite a long time) from taking our order to receiving our coffee, which you collect at the counter.

Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101
Simple Kaffa standing area

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Whilst obviously the seating and dining area is a rather nice affair with great panoramic views and comfy chairs, the takeout / standing area is a bit more bare-bones and basic (because obviously they don’t want you to wait around too long).

There are three or four small tables in the small standing area, plus 180 degree views of the city unfolding below – it is a great spot to see an aerial view of the new Taipei Dome too.

Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101 view

We even spotted (and smelt) several basil plants growing in the window area – presumably to be used for the restaurant dishes next door!

There is also a large viewing area outside of Simple Kaffa, located by the elevators with a handful of tables and chairs. Many people were drinking their takeaway coffees there too.

Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101
Area outside Simple Kaffa with tables and chairs
Simple Kaffa Sola cafe Taipei 101
Area outside Simple Kaffa with tables and chairs

The cake selection also looked rather delicious and proved very popular in the standing area – for instance, a slice of zhou-zhou / honey castella cake costs NT$200.

Most coffee based drinks were available as hot or cold options – ice-creams such as vanilla & hojicha and vanilla affogato were available to buy for NT$240 a portion.

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Simple Kaffa Taipei 101 online reservations

If you don’t want to queue, you can make an online reservation for Simple Kaffa Taipei 101 天空興波 via the inline app here >

Other things to know

  • There are free toilets located next to Simple Kaffa on the 88th floor (alas there are no cool toilet views here  – just basic toilets.

  • You must get a ticket / receipt from the Simple Kaffa Sola reception area on the ground floor before coming up as you need to show this ticket to the security / elevator staff

  • The cheapest coffee / drink on the menu is NT$180 for a cappuccino, americano or double shot of espresso – this allows you admission to the standing area of Simple Kaffa Sola.

  • If you turn up first thing when Simple Kaffa Sola opens at 10am, you are more likely to get a table or standing ticket without having to queue.

  • If you are hungry after your coffee, there are lots of food stalls in the Taipei 101 food court one level below the Simple Kaffa Sola reception desk.

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Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 opening times

Simple Kaffa Solo on the 88th floor of Taipei 101 is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

Simple Kaffa Sola Taipei 101 address

Simple Kaffa Sola, 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, 7號88樓

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