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EasyCard Taiwan Travel Pass – Topping Up Guide + Photos 2024

Using an EasyCard in Taiwan is so simple, as the name suggests. A travel essential for anyone  visiting Taiwan, EasyCards are so ‘easy’ to buy and top up. They can be used on public transport, convenience stores, taxis and more. Plus there are so many cute EasyCard designs in Taiwan. EasyCards can be used pretty […]

Hualien Station Taiwan Guide + Photos 2024

Taiwan’s Hualien Station is your likely arrival point in Hualien from Taipei – it is also a popular pick-up point for Taroko Gorge tours from Hualien County (花蓮). One of the busiest train stations in Taiwan, Hualien Station is the terminus for Taiwan’s popular North Link line that runs between Hualian and Su’aoxin and welcomes tens […]