EasyCard Taiwan Travel Pass – Topping Up Guide + Photos 2024

Using an EasyCard in Taiwan is so simple, as the name suggests. A travel essential for anyone  visiting Taiwan, EasyCards are so ‘easy’ to buy and top up.

They can be used on public transport, convenience stores, taxis and more. Plus there are so many cute EasyCard designs in Taiwan.

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top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

EasyCards can be used pretty much anywhere in Taiwan but some regions also have their own additional transport cards too like iPass in Kaohsiung and south Taiwan (which are also accepted everywhere).

Most convenience stores in Taiwan sell EasyCards in a variety of designs, or they can be bought at the airport when you arrive.

Most recently, we travelled around Taiwan in 2024 using out Doraemon EasyCards (which we purchased on our arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport), plus had a couple of backup EasyCards.

From topping up EasyCards to the cutest designs, here is our ultimate guide to using an EasyCard in Taiwan.

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What are EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan?

EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan are cashless payment systems and travel cards that can be used across all of Taiwan’s public transport networks – plus in convenience stores, vending machines, parking, taxis and many more.

Taipei MRT Subway

Prepaid EasyCards in Taiwan and cash cards have been so well adopted since their introduction in 2010, that now over 90% of MRT journeys in Taipei are made using a cash card (plus over 70% of car parking payments). Taiwan is well ahead of the world in terms of cashless payments.

Taiwan travel cards and EasyCards are simple to buy, top up and keep a track on the balance, making these a popular way to pay for public transport for both Taiwanese and travellers in Taiwan.

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What is the difference between EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards?

EasyCards originated in Taipei, whilst iPass originated in Kaohsiung. Both cards used to be restricted for use only in those regions, but can now be both used nationwide.

iCash cards were created by 7-Eleven and seem to have the most variety of fun designs! They can be used for purchases in 7-Eleven stores and other selected retailers >

All three cards can be used on public transport networks across Taiwan – travelling around a whole country has never been easier.

EasyCard and iPass cards are the most commonly used in Taiwan, with EasyCard being the best option as it is accepted in more places than the iPass.

Taipei MRT subway

Where can you buy EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan?

Most convenience stores, train, bus and MRT stations sell EasyCards. You can buy EasyCards at dedicated vending machines at airports, train stations and busy public places (plus iPass in selected shops and transport hubs – mostly in southern Taiwan).

You can purchase iCash cards at all 7-Eleven convenience stores and their IbonMart kiosk, metro stations and some other selected retailers.

EasyCards have no expiration date, however if the card has not been used for 2 years it will need to be reactivated by adding some credit to it.

Not all Taiwan cash cards are created equal so make sure you seek out the coolest, most cute EasyCards, iPass cards and iCash cards in Taiwan (some can be very ‘Kawaii’ and out there). These are our favourite 30 cute EasyCard, iCash and iPass designs >

Cute fried chicken shaped iCash card

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How much do basic EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan cost?

The straight forward credit card style cards in Taiwan cost NT$100 (non refundable) but there are special and cute designs that cost more (usually between NT$200 and NT$450).

One of our most extravagant purchases was a FoodPanda moped helmet iCash card from a 7-Eleven in Kaohsiung, costing us NT$400 – and that didn’t include any credit either!

FoodPanda moped helmet iCash card

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Topping up and checking the balance of cash cards / EasyCards in Taiwan

The most convenient places to top up prepaid cash cards in Taiwan are at the MRT / train station machines or at numerous convenience stores nationwide like FamilyMart and 7-Eleven.

The only payment method to top up is usually cash only, with the minimum allowed balance 100 TWD (unless you fall below it – your card won’t work then until you top it up).

The maximum balance for EasyCard is 30,000 TWD – around £735 or $925 USD.

The maximum balance for both iPass cards and iCash cards is 10,000 TWD – around £245 or $310 USD.

You can easily check the remaining balance of your card on the top up machine screens. Usually the remaining balance amount will also show up on the small screens of MRT/train barriers and buses when you tap out.

All Taiwan EasyCard / iPass / iCard pricing information is correct as of May 2024.

Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall MRT station in Taipei Taiwan

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How to use a prepaid cash card

As you’d expect from the name, it is indeed very ‘Easy’ to use an EasyCard and iPass/iCash card in Taiwan.

Each EasyCard has a small chip inside that is used for payment transfers or public transport usage (as long as you have sufficient balance).

 EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

To use it, you just scan the card (‘beep’) at the barriers at train stations or on the device at the front of buses.

In convenience stores or taxis in Taiwan, you just tap for payment on the payment device the employee or taxi driver gives to you.

Most automated vending machines and public transport ticket / top-up booths accept prepaid cash cards in Taiwan – although we would recommend always having a little cash on you as some restaurants and vendors are cash only (especially in the smaller Taiwan towns).

 EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

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How to buy EasyCards at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

If you’ve just arrived in Taiwan (say at Taoyuan Taiwan International Airport), you’ll be able to buy EasyCards either at the transport desk by the airport MRT station or via dedicated vending machines.

To get the MRT from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to downtown Taipei, after clearing immigration, take the escalator down to level B2, one level below the arrivals hall.

It costs NT$150 TWD to go from Taipei Taoyuan international airport to Taipei Main Station / downtown. If you want to buy a EasyCard, there is an extra one-off non refundable fee of NT$100.

So to purchase an EasyCard and then go from Taipei Taoyuan international airport to Taipei Main Station, the total cost is NT$250 one way – prices correct as of May 2024.

Alternatively, if you’d rather buy them in advance (to guarantee you can get into Taipei city in case you are having issues with your debit card say), then you can EasyCards in advance via Klook >

We ended up buying our Taiwan EasyCards on the spot from the Klook desk in the arrivals hall at Taoyuan international airport.

 EasyCard counter in Taipei Taoyuan international airport

Taiwanderers Tip
Download the free Go! Taipei Metro app – it is a life-saver when trying to navigate Taipei’s public transport network.

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Which public tranportation systems take EasyCard in Taiwan?

EasyCards can be used on most public transportation systems including all MRT and LRT networks, local buses (not long distance), Taiwan Railway trains, taxis and short distance ferries.

EasyCards cannot be used on high speed rail trains or long distance buses.

Kaohsiung LRT tram Taiwan

How to top up an EasyCard in Taiwan’s public transport stations – a step by step guide with photos

Topping up your EasyCard in Taiwan using the machines in public transportation stations is so simple.

Here is a step by step guide with photos used from Taipei MRT stations (screen interfaces may vary depending on city / mode of transport).

1. Locate an EasyCard / iPass machine

You’ll find these in most stations and usually have a EasyCard and / or iPass logo displaying on the front of the machine.

There is often a title card on the machines as well saying ‘Card Vending Machine’ / Add Value Machine.

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

2. Change the language settings

Touch the screen and then hit the language button to change to your preferred language setting.

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

3. Select ‘top up’

Press the large button on the screen which says ‘top up’.

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

4. Place your card on the sensor

Put your EasyCard or iPass on the sensor, usually to the right of the screen – this will then show you your current balance on the screen so you know how much you have.

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan
top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan
top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

5. Top up with cash

Once you’ve seen your balance, you can top up your EasyCard Taiwan or iPass.

You can use coins and notes to top up but some of the top-up machines have a limit on the maximum note size – so it is handy to keep back small bills / notes sometimes for this very purchase.

Remember the minimum balance is NT$100 and the maximum is NT$30,000 (NT$10,000 for iPass and iCash).

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

6. Wait for the card top up to process

Do not move your card off the sensor until the process has completed.

top up an EasyCard in Taipei MRT station Taiwan

7. Finish

You can also request a receipt if you need it.

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