Hello Kitty Sanrio 7-Eleven Store In Taipei, Taiwan Guide + Photos

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Well, Hello Kitty! Sanrio’s cutest cat now has its own themed Hello Kitty 7-Eleven stores in Taipei, Taiwan.

One of the most charming Taiwan 7-Elevens, Hello Kitty and their colourful Sanrio character friends have been brought to life in store, from gorgeous shop graphics to themed 7-11 coffee cups and in-store Sanrio merchandise.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan
The larger Hello Kitty store in Ximending

7-Eleven Taiwan has over 100 themed convenience stores across the country, including cartoon character branded stores such as Bugcat Capoo, Ultraman, Sumikko Gurashi and Mofusand.

As of 2024, there are two currently two Hello Kitty 7-Elevens in Taipei (which include other Sanrio characters), both of which can be found in the Ximen / Ximending district.

From huge Hello Kittys to sublime Sanrio character signs and statues, here is our ultimate guide to Hello Kitty 7-Eleven stores in Taipei (with photos and maps):

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Where are the Hello Kitty 7-Elevens in Taiwan?

There are over 7,000 7-Elevens in Taiwan, and Taipei is home to two adorable Hello Kitty 7-Elevens, both in Taipei’s Ximen district.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

7-Eleven Hello Kitty Ximending – the bigger store

The bigger (and better) Sanrio Hello Kitty store is called 7-Eleven Hello Kitty Ximending. It can be found on Google maps here >

The nearest MRT stations to this larger Sanrio 7-11 are either Beimen MRT exit 1 or Ximen MRT 6. The themed 7-Eleven shop is around a 10 minute walk from both stations.

7-Eleven Hello Kitty Sanrio Xinhanhua (edge of Ximending) – the smaller store

The smaller of the two Sanrio 7-Elevens can be found very close to the Ximending entertainment district. It can be found on Google maps here >

The nearest MRT station to this smaller Hello Kitty Eleven is Ximen MRT exit 5. The themed 7-Eleven shop is around a 3 minute walk away.

If you want to visit both Hello Kitty 7-Elevens in Taipei, it is only a only a straight 8 minute walk between the two – check out the map directions here >

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Arriving at the 7-Eleven Sanrio stores

Neither themed 7-Eleven in Ximen is difficult to spot – the 7-11 store frontages are covered in huge Hello Kitty graphics plus the likes of Pompompurin peering out or My Melody.

Hello Kitty is loud and proud in both stores with cool ceiling graphics plus oodles of Sanrio and Hello Kitty merchandise, racked on very cute cabinets and shelves. Both stores also serve up Hello Kitty branded City Cafe coffee cups.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

But there are a few differences between the two Hello Kitty 7-Eleven stores – if you have time, visit them both as it is less than a ten minute walk between the two.

Please note at the time of writing, there are two Hello Kitty / Sanrio shops in Taipei, both of which have been open for over a couple of years. However these themed 7-Elevens can change so do check the Google Maps reviews beforehand.

For instance, in early 2024, we returned to the Detective Conan themed 7-Eleven in Taipei and it was now a Mofusand themed 7-Eleven (which was better, to be honest)!

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Visiting the larger 7-Eleven Hello Kitty store in Ximending

As you arrive there is a huge Hello Kitty decal on the windows outside the store seemingly beckoning you in, like a cheeky cat.

A window display is packed full of Sanrio character plushies, plus there is a big ‘STAY CUTE’ and Hello Kitty bow-tie neon style sign.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan
Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

As the main doors slide open, you are greeted by a giant Hello Kitty model holding a Hello Kitty coffee cup.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

Most of the walls are bright pink in colour and you instantly notice all the pink shelves of Sanrio plushies and merchandise – make sure you’ve kept some space back in your suitcase or backpack!

On the ceiling, look up to see all the Sanrio characters glaring down at you, including a massive My Melody.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

For the full Sanrio branded experience, pay for a coffee or tea from the 7-Eleven counter and it’ll be served in a Hello Kitty coffee cup and branded sleeve (the latter makes an excellent and light Sanrio souvenir).

A small latte only costs around NT$45 so it is pretty inexpensive (just over £1 or $1.30 USD).

This particular Hello Kitty 7-Eleven has a rainbow roof plus pink tables that each have Hello Kitty displays behind glass. Although on our last visit in 2024, some of the tables and displays were looking rather tired and shabby. Bad Kitty!

Here you will also find a Hello Kitty cat shaped merchandise cabinet (complete with cat ears and a bow tie) where you can buy everything from Pompompurin plushes to Keroppi drinks containers. We also spotted a little bit of Gudetama merchandise – ‘egg’-cellent stuff.

Look out for the charming character shaped display shelves on the walls too.

So kick back with a Hello Kitty coffee, spend some money on Sanrio souvenirs and be captivated by one of the cutest convenience stores in the world.

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Visiting the second smaller Hello Kitty 7-Eleven Xinhanhua

The other 7-Eleven themed with Hello Kitty is a little closer to the main Ximending entertainment district but probably half the size of the other 7-Eleven we mentioned.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

It too has a Stay Cute logo and sign outside plus gachapon machines and merchandise, but there is less ornate decor – the dining area here is always quite crowded and we’ve always found it hard to get a seat.

Hello Kitty can be seen on the store frontage plus Sanrio characters are aplenty inside with graphics on the roof and above all the fridges. 

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan
Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

There is one huge cabinet of character plushies – it isn’t just Sanrio as it includes Bugcat Capoo and Disney Toy Story, plus the odd Doraemon gift (but alas no dorayakis – shame).

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan

Just to mention this store also has a huge collection of Kawaii style cute EasyCards and iCash cards (including a Hello Kitty 50th anniversary EasyCard), plus a Mister Donut cabinet. Nom.

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You can also get the branded Hello Kitty 7-Eleven coffee cups here to enjoy a hot drink in store or takeaway.

Hello Kitty 7-Eleven store in Taipei taiwan coffee cup

You’ll find a smaller selection of Sanrio and Hello Kitty merchandise in this branch – on our last visit, we even found a can of Hello Kitty wet-wipes here – who knew eh?

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Hello Kitty 7-Eleven opening hours in Taipei

Both Sanrio Hello Kitty 7-Eleven themed stores around Ximen are open 24 hours so you can say hi to this colourful cat day and night.

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