Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Guide + Photos 2024

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Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung is perhaps not as well known as Yehliu GeoPark (a simple day trip from Taipei) but it is one of Taiwan’s best natural attractions – and much easier and quicker to access by public transport too.

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Taiwan

Heping Island GeoPark (written locally as 和平島地質公園官方網站) comprises of incredible geo-formations, shaped rocks and sublime coastal views (including a pretty pagoda looking out over the water).

There are even seawater / ocean swimming pools plus a newly built visitor centre to enjoy – complete with a gorgeous gift shop.

From the different rock formations to prices and photos, here is our ultimate guide to visiting Taiwan’s Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung, near Taipei:

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Taiwan

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Keelung Heping Island GeoPark entrance fee prices in 2024

We visited in April 2024. The current admission / entrance prices for Heping Island GeoPark are NT$120 per adult (foreign visitor) or NT$60 for locals / Taiwan nationals.

NT$120 admission to Heping Island GeoPark equates to around £3 or $3.80 USD as of May 2024.

Book your Heping Island Geopark tickets in advance here >

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Taiwan scenic pavilion

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How to get to Heping Island GeoPark / 和平島地質公園官方網站

If you are already in Keelung, the best way to get to Heping Island GeoPark is by bus.

Take bus 101 or bus 102 to Heping Island Park stop and then walk five minutes to the main entrance. The walk from the bus stop is flat and along a main road.

Alternatively, take the 1579 Capital Bus and walk 15 to 20 minutes from the nearest bus stop (Zhongzheng Road intersection or the National Taiwan Ocean University stop).

The train from Taipei Main Station to Keelung departs very regularly, and we also found that the buses from certain parts of downtown Taipei (such as Nanjing and Zhongshan) were in fact a quicker way of getting to Keelung than the train from Taipei Main Station.

So definitely check Google Maps or the official Go! Taipei Metro app to see which is the quickest and best route for you to Keelung if you are staying in Taipei.

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History of Heping Island Geopark

Over 20 million years in the making, Heping Island is surrounded by the sea and the island has been created by long-term weathering and constant erosion.

A unique landscape, it is easily one of the most interesting things to do in Keelung (yes, even more so than the famous American diner bus stop!)

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Taiwan

Today a popular Taiwan coastal geopark and Keelung attraction, Heping Island was once home to numerous buildings and villages built by the Spanish in the 1620s, during their brief reign of North Taiwan. It is a mix of styles given the battle between the Dutch and Spanish to colonise this area.

Many of the ruins can still be seen today including Sheliao East Fort – it is perhaps now best known for the Heping Island Geopark, and its incredible naturally occurring rock formations.

Originally called Sheliao Island, it was newly christened Heping Island following the Second World War.

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Arriving at Heping Island Geopark

Once you arrive and have paid your entry admission, the first thing you’ll notice is all the ponds and natural pools. We’d recommend first heading on over the zig zag bridge and exploring the ‘Dutch Cave’ before admiring the natural formations by the Ryukyuan Fishermen’s Monument.

Dutch Cave gets its name after some words on the walls were supposedly carved by Dutch settlers in the 17th century. It is a 20 metre long sea cave although alas the carvings have now gone due to erosion.

Chien Tueg Fu is the rock formation you’ll see at the start, a wave cut platform with large tofu rocks (as long as it isn’t stinky tofu eh!).

During the Japanese settlement, the Japanese thought it look like a thousand tatamis (Japanese style floor mats) spreading across the platform so they called it ‘Chien Tueg’.

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung Taiwan

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Scenic Pavilion

The best bit for us was the scenic pavilion looking out over the ocean – one of the most beautiful coastal views we’ve seen in Taiwan, especially on a sunny day.

Heping Island GeoPark Scenic Pavilion

It is an easy walk from the main trail and there is a small seating area so you can look out towards the ocean – fishing boats zig zag back and forth in the distance and the sea breeze is very cooling. A nice place to reflect or relax after a busy day of sightseeing in Keelung.

Heping Island GeoPark Scenic Pavilion

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Rock On

Notable Rock Formations at Keeling Geopark Heping Island include:

Leopard Rock

‘Feline’ like a new adventure? Try spotting the Leopard Rock.

Seal Rock

Thousands of years in the making, this rock formation gets our ‘seal’ of approval (sorry not sorry).


This took us a little while to spot but there are interpretation panels and a viewing point to help.

Pig’s Feet Rocks

Trotter shaped rocks by the sea – pigs might fly (and swim).

Heping Island GeoPark Pig’s Feet Rocks

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Heping Island Geopark other things to do

Ryukyu Fishermen’s Monument

The famous Fisherman’s Monument at Heping Island is currently under restoration and is due to return in mid 2024 – it was damaged during the northeast Taiwan monsoon.

The fisherman’s monument is a reminder of the fishing village that once existed here, established in the early 1900s and comprising around 600 inhabitants.

Sheliao East Fort

One of the main landmarks on Heping Island (outside of the geopark) is the Sheliao East Fort, constructed by the Spanish during their occupation in the mid 1620s (until 1642) and later used by the Japanese during their colonial rule.

The different styles of architecture make for an interesting layout although compared to other old military forts in Taiwan, this one is quite small and unremarkable.

Guided Tours

Heping Island Geopark tours are available daily, lasting between 1 to 1.5 hours – there are several different routes to choose from and participants must be willing to wear hard hats.

Heping Island Geopark tours cost NT$1,200 for Chinese language tours and NT$1,500 for English / foreign language tours – this is in addition to the NT$120 admission fee.

Blue Ocean Pool and Kiddie Pool

On the far side of the Geopark, you’ll find the seawater pools and Blue ocean pool.

Swimming passes start from as little as $NT90 if you visit between 5am and 7:30am (the off-peak swimming pass).

The Blue Ocean pool is closed between 1pm and 2pm everyday.

Heping Island GeoPark Blue Ocean pool
Blue Ocean Pool
Heping Island GeoPark Blue Ocean pool
Blue Ocean Pool

The Kiddie pool is only open from May until October. It is closed during the ecological conservation period from November to April.

Heping Island GeoPark Kiddie pool
Kiddie pool in March during the ecological conservation period

Visitor centre

At the time of our visit (April 2024), the Heping Geopark Visitor Centre was undergoing a major renovation but the gift shop was open.

The gift shop has lots of nice souvenirs plus some local artisan crafts and organic foods.

Heping Island GeoPark Visitor centre
Heping Island GeoPark Visitor centre

Food and Drink

There is a restaurant above the visitor centre, plus food and drink is available from the gift shop and onsite vending machines. The shaved ice stall is also a nice touch, especially on a hot day.

In 2023, “Moiz Ali” Pakistani restaurant opened on the second floor of the Heping Island Geopark Visitor Center and is the first Halal-certified restaurant in Keelung.

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Other things to do near Keelung Heping Island Geopark

If you are getting pubic bus 101 or 102 to Heping Island, you can also stop at these iconic Keelung locations on the way (or walk to them from Heping Island):

Zhengbin Port Color Houses

A little bit of Burano (Venice) in Keelung, these colourful homes and houses are one of the most picturesque photo spots in Keelung.

The rainbow houses in Keelung (similar to the famous fish market houses in Kaohsiung) overlook the harbour.

Zhengbin Port Color Houses keelung

Keelung American Diner themed bus stop

A short walk from Heping Bridge and the Heping Island Geopark, this must be the coolest bus stop in Taiwan!

It is a very popular photo-spot and it is an actual working bus stop.

Keelung American Diner themed bus stop - T-Ham

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Is Heping Island worth visiting?

Yes, Heping Island GeoPark and its surrounding historic sites are well worth visiting – much less busy than the more famous Yehliu geopark, this sublime sea setting has been 20 million years in the making.

At only 120 $NT120 admission for overseas visitors, it is worth it alone just for the Scenic Pavilion – it is also easily accessible from downtown Keelung by bus, plus less than an hour away from Taipei city centre.

Heping Island GeoPark

Heping Island GeoPark opening times

Keelung’s GeoPark is open daily from 8am to 7pm.

Heping Island GeoPark in Keelung address / 和平島地質公園官方網站

No. 360號, Pingyi Rd, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, Taiwan 202

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