30 Cute EasyCard, iPass & iCash Card Designs in Taiwan

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Getting around Taiwan is Easy(Card!). Literally one of the most useful tools to have when travelling in Taiwan, EasyCards, iPass and iCash prepaid cash cards are simple to buy, use and top up and can be used on public transport, convenience stores and more.

The best bit about prepaid cash cards in Taiwan (other than the convenience and mass usage)? There are so many cool and cute designs from character cards to miniature food and drink models (yes, you read that right)! We like weird and wonderful cash cards all the way!

Most convenience stores in Taiwan (like 7-Eleven Taiwan) have a special section by the counter for collectible cash card designs or types, such is their appeal (and mass usage).

We travelled around Taiwan using our Doraemon EasyCards (which we purchased on our arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) which we then upgraded to Panda Express Delivery helmet iCash cards half way through our journey (‘cos we are eclectic like that).

There are so many cool and cute prepaid cash cards in Taiwan – from Korean fried chicken to Kanahei’s Small Animals, here are our top 30 cute EasyCard, iPass and iCash Taiwan card designs.

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What are EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan?

EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan are cashless payment system and travel cards that can be used across all of Taiwan’s public transport networks – plus in convenience stores, vending machines, parking, taxis and many more.

Prepaid cash cards have been so well adopted since its introduction in 2010, that now over 90% of MRT journeys in Taipei are made using a cash card (plus over 70% of car parking payments).

They are simple to buy, top up and keep a track on the balance, making these a popular way to pay for public transport for both Taiwanese and travellers in Taiwan.

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What is the difference between EasyCard, iPass and iCash cards?

EasyCards originated in Taipei, whilst iPass originated in Kaohsiung. Both cards used to be restricted for use only in those regions, but can now be both used nationwide.

iCash cards were created by 7-Eleven and seem to have the most variety of fun designs! They can be used for purchases in 7-Eleven stores and other selected retailers >

All three cards can be used on public transport networks.

EasyCard and iPass cards are the most commonly used in Taiwan, with EasyCard being the best option as it is accepted in more places than the iPass.

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Where can you buy EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan?

It is almost easier to say where aren’t cash cards in Taiwan available – most convenience stores, train, bus and MRT stations have them as well as dedicated vending machines at airports and busy public places.

But as we are about to go into more detail shortly, not all Taiwan cash cards are created equal so make sure you seek out the coolest, most cute EasyCards, iPass cards and iCash cards in Taiwan (some can be very ‘Kawaii’ and out there).

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How much do basic EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan cost?

The straight forward credit card style cards in Taiwan cost NT$100 (non refundable) but there are special and cute designs that cost more (around NT$450).

For instance, we paid NT$400 for our beloved FoodPanda moped helmet iCash card from a 7-Eleven in Kaohsiung. This was a cool Taiwan 7-Eleven with a bar which we’d been drinking in so this might have had something to do with our unexpected iCash card upgrade. Cheers!

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Topping up cash cards in Taiwan

The most convenient places to top up prepaid cash cards in Taiwan are at the MRT / train station machines or at numerous convenience stores nationwide.

The only payment method to top up is usually cash only, with the minimum allowed balance 100 TWD (unless you fall below it – your card will then work ‘til you top it up).

The maximum balance for EasyCard is 30,000 TWD – around £735 or $925 USD.

The maximum balance for both iPass cards and iCash cards is 10,000 TWD – around £245 or $310 USD.

All pricing information correct as of May 2024.

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How to use a prepaid cash card

As you’d expect from the name, it is indeed very ‘Easy’ to use an EasyCard and iPass/iCash card in Taiwan.

Each card has a small chip inside that is used for payment transfers or public transport usage (as long as you have sufficient balance).

You just scan the card at the barriers at train stations or on the device at the front of buses – in convenience stores or taxis, you just tap for payment on the payment device the employee or driver gives to you.

Most automated vending machines and public transport ticket / top-up booths accept prepaid cash cards in Taiwan.

If you’ve used an Oyster card on the Transport for London (TFL) network in the UK or a ‘T Money’ Card in South Korea, it is exactly the same.

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Where to find cute cash cards in Taiwan

Whilst many of the public transport vending machines and booths had OK designs (like our Doraemon EasyCards that we purchase from a ticket counter at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport), the cutest and best EasyCards, iPass and iCash designs in Taiwan can usually be found in convenience stores by the tills.

The best and more collectible cards are often protected by security tags or on coat hanger displays, hanging from the ceiling – we kid you not!

Otherwise, many cartoon character and anime stores in Taiwan have their own brand of cash card.

For instance when we visited the Pokemon Center in Taipei in early 2024, one of the sold out items was a limited edition Pokemon EasyCard Taiwan – so if you gotta catch em all, you’ve got to be quick!

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Top 30 cute EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan Designs

After several months travelling around the length and breadth of Taiwan, these are some of the coolest and most cute EasyCards, iPass and iCash cards in Taiwan collectibles and designs still available to buy in 2024:

1. Fried Pork Paste EasyCard

One of the more unusual EasyCard Taiwan designs we spotted (this one was in Sun Moon Lake), this transport card is made to look like a miniature can of fried pork paste.

The packet says it is the ‘most reassuring taste in 90 years’ – but remember, you can’t eat EasyCards (much).

Fried Pork Paste EasyCard Taiwan

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2. Korean Fried Chicken iCash card

Yes, you did read that right. There is a Korean Fried Chicken iCash card in Taiwan that basically resembles a piece of fried chicken covered in sauce. Finger lickin’ good – oh sorry, that is the wrong KFC (Korean, not Kentucky).

P.S. We think this might be one of the more collectible / premium iCash cards. We only saw it in about four convenience stores nationwide – so it must be mother-clucking good!

Korean Fried Chicken iCash card Taiwan

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3. Pokémon EasyCard 3D Commemorative Ball

On our visit to Taiwan’s only Pokémon Center (Taipei Pokémon Center) in early 2024, a few items had sold out including the supercool Pokémon EasyCard 3D Commemorative Ball.

There are a few Pokémon EasyCards in Taiwan available but the 3D balls seem to sell out super fast

4. Ovaltine EasyCard

There are lots of drink company EasyCards including this one shaped like an Ovaline tin – this one might make you sleepy and doze off on the MRT.

Ovaltine EasyCard Taiwan

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5. Vintage TV shaped iCash card

One to watch! This might be the coolest iCash card in Taiwan we ever saw. Shaped like a vintage TV, this is such a cute iCash card and quirky to boot!

Vintage TV shaped iCash card Taiwan

6. Snoopy iCash and iPass cards

One of the most popular and cute iCash and iPass card designs, there is a shed load of Snoopy iCash cards in Taiwan including limited edition cards plus furry Snoopy head iCash cards. Grab them soon before they are dog-gone!

PS we found a Peanuts / Snoopy Baseball themed 7-Eleven in Tainan – who knew?

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7. BOMY Fruit Juice Carton EasyCard

Drink up – this is celebration of Taiwan’s no 1 fruit juice company complete with cute fruity figures on the packaging.

BOMY Fruit Juice Carton EasyCard Taiwan

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8. Open Plaza / Open Chan Taiwan 7-Eleven EasyCards

7-Elevens in Taiwan are like no other in the world – not only do they have over 100 themed 7-Elevens including characters like Ultraman, Peanuts, Mofusand and Hello Kitty, but they also have their own range of 7-Eleven characters including Open Chan the dog.

As such, not only is 7-Eleven one of the biggest sellers of colourful and cute EasyCards in Taiwan but they also have their own range of 7-Eleven character EasyCards – which you can top up instore too!

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9. Nouveau Rich Wafer Chocolate Bar EasyCard

This choc-tastic and cool EasyCard design includes both a chocolate bar and a ‘half-eaten’ chocolate biscuit. It looks so real, you might get told off for eating on the Metro / MRT!

Nouveau Rich Wafer Chocolate Bar EasyCard Taiwan

10. Food Panda Delivery Driver Helmet iCash card

Food Panda Taiwan was recently taken over by Uber in May 2024, so we hope these super cool Food Panda iCash cards don’t disappear.

One of the more expensive iCash cards we bought (NT$400 – with no credit!), this iCash card resembles a high detailed scale moped of the bright pink Food Panda delivery helmets you’ll see across Taiwan – it even has a working visor!

Food Panda Delivery Driver Helmet iCash card Taiwan

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11. Oolong Tea iCash card

This super-cute iCash card miniature Oolong Tea bottle looks good enough to drink – and is definitely our cup of tea.

Oolong Tea iCash card Taiwan

12. Kanahei’s Small Animals EasyCard

A very popular cartoon character in Taiwan and they even have several themed Kanahei’s Small Animals 7-Elevens!

We spotted numerous Kanhei Small Animal EasyCards in Taiwan including pretty Piske EasyCards (Piske & Usagi as rocks) and this furry EasyCard of Sun Arrow the chick.

Kanahei’s Small Animals EasyCard Taiwan
Kanahei’s Small Animals icash card Taiwan

13. Pudding iCash card

There are dessert design iCash cards like this Unity Custard Pudding – alas it doesn’t wobble like the real thing!

Pudding iCash card Taiwan

14. Hello Kitty EasyCard Taiwan

There are literally tonnes of Taiwan EasyCard designs with Hello Kitty.

Whilst some are just standard printed cards like the Hello Kitty limited edition Chinese New Year card, some have practical functions like doubling as a calculator.

So much fun and it makes it easy to work out how much you’ve spent on your EasyCard- you do the math!

Hello Kitty calculator EasyCard Taiwan Taiwan

15. Godzilla iPass card

Grab this roar-some Godzilla iPass card, which is retro in style!

Godzilla iPass card Taiwan

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16. Golden Horn Corn Snack iCash card

From Godzilla to Golden Horn Corn Snacks – this fantastic food iCash card is almost good enough to eat.

Golden Horn Corn Snack iCash card Taiwan

17. Starlux Link Monster iCash card

Airport and aviation enthusiasts rejoice – plus great news for trainspotters. There is a rather special Starlux Airport Bus iCash card. The card is 3D and shaped like a bus – bloody brilliant!

Starlux Link Monster iCash card Taiwan

18. Rilakkuma iCash card

Can you ‘bear’ to be without this super cute iCash card, featuring dozens of different Rilakumma, Japan’s favourite cartoon bear. We really liked this Rilakkuma birthday cake iCash card.

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19. TOMICA EasyCard

We love TOMICA cars from Japan – so this cute EasyCard Taiwan TOMICA design with sketched vehicles is the ultimate ‘transport card’.

TOMICA EasyCard Taiwan

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20. 3D Tent Camping iCash card

Fancy a 3D iCash card that doubles as a 3D tent in a field. Get this camping iCash card complete with a small patch of astroturf / fake grass – like the real thing, you can use this in all weathers (probably)

This appears to be a series as we also spotted a miniature camping sleeping bag iCash card in a Tainan 7-Eleven – quite niche!

3D Tent Camping iCash card Taiwan

21. Warner Bros iPass cards

Yep, all your favourite Warner Bros characters are available in iPass card form including Sylvester the Cat dressed a Batman (the crossover you never knew you wanted).

22. DieCut Ultraman card

Small and light and ready for a fight (oh no, that is the ACTUAL ULTRAMAN), this super cool Ultraman design really looks the part – it is also often available in this special 7-Eleven Ultraman store in Taipei >

23. Disney iPass cards featuring Chip and Dale, Bambi and more

Disney also has a huge range of iPass card designs including Chip and Dale and Bambi – unlike Bambi, the Disney iPass cards aren’t very ‘deer’ to buy… sorry, ‘dear’.

24. Gudetama Year of the Dragon EasyCard

Chinese New Year themed EasyCards in Taiwan are common – this Gudetama Year of the Dragon 2024 EasyCard is an egg-cellent choice for commuters.

Gudetama Year of the Dragon EasyCard Taiwan

25. Doraemon EasyCard and iCash cards

Our very first foray into the EasyCard Taiwan collecting scene – we used these across Taiwan and have brought them back as a super cute EasyCard Taiwan souvenir.

We also spotted a bigger 3D iCash Doraemon card with the famous pink teleportation door.

Doraemon EasyCard and iCash cards Taiwan
Doraemon EasyCard Taiwan

26. Crayon Shin-chan iCash card

The joyful Japanese Manga character has a colourful range of iCash cards including this 2024 furry edition.

27. Ms.Cat iPass card

We don’t know much about the Ms Cat character but we think this one of the most elegant card designs we saw in the whole of Taiwan – kinda ‘purrfect’ don’t ya think?

Ms.Cat iPass card Taiwan

28. Milk Carton iCash card

We don’t want to keep ‘milking’ this list out (so you don’t go sour) but there is a marvellous milk carton iCash card in Taiwan to collect.

29. Sesame Street iCash card

Baby Elmo says he loves this cute card – there are several Sesame Street designs to collect.

Sesame Street elmo iCash card Taiwan
Sesame Street grouch iCash card Taiwan

30. View Taiwan Landscapes

We were given this EasyCard (showing Nantou / Wushan) as part of our Klook Sun Moon Lake bus transfer – Taiwanese vistas and beautiful landscapes are very common EasyCards in Taiwan.

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