Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan Guide + Photos

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Oooooh, a Bugcat Capoo themed 7-Eleven in Taipei is definitely one of the more fun convenience stores in Taiwan to visit.

7-Eleven Taiwan has over 100 themed stores across the country, including cartoon character branded stores such as Snoopy / Peanuts, Hello Kitty, Ultraman and Mofusand.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

Bugcat Capoo (貓貓蟲咖波) is one of the most popular Taiwanese cartoon characters. A cute cross between a blue cat and a bug, created by Taiwan illustrator Yara (亞拉).

Bugcat Capoo has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in 2024.

One of cutest convenience stores in Taiwan you’ll ever see (and very ‘blue’ but in a good way), here is our guide to visiting the Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven in Taipei.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

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Our Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven Taipei video

Where is the Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven in Taipei?

The Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven is located in Taipei’s Xinyi District, near to National Dr. Sun Yat -Sen Memorial Hall.

The nearest MRT station to Bugcat Capoo 7-11 is exit 4 of Taipei City Hall MRT Station – it is approximately a 1 minute walk away.

It is called 7-ELEVEN 松高門市 (咖波主題商店) on Taiwan Google maps, and the full address is No. 141號, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110.

Here is a google maps link showing the exact location of the Bugcat Capoo themed 7-Eleven store in Taipei >

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

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Arriving at the 7-Eleven store

The shop is not difficult to spot – a lot of bright blue Bugcat Capoo branding has replaced the usual red, white and green exterior of this 7-Eleven.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan
Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

Above the main entrance, there is a huge banner depicting Bugcat Capoo and DogDog, plus there is even a bright blue neon style Bugcat sign in the entrance window.

There are also several lit-up characters in the roof above the entrance – very cute!

One of the first things you notice as you get closer is the Bugcat Capoo themed cafe area inside plus a bevy of blue Bugcat merchandise – let’s get inside and take a closer look.

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Inside the Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven

We were cat-atonic when we first arrived – from the ceiling to cabinets, city cafe to check-out, Bugcat Capoo branding and little touches were all around.

This is not your typical Taiwan 7-Eleven, every surface has been branded Bugcat Capoo, with the merchandise section and branded cafe area the center-piece of the store.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

We love the attention to detail – all of the chiller cabinets have Bugcat Capoo stickers or neon lights above them.

There is even an 8 foot long bright blue neon Bugcat sign at the rear of the store above the ready meal and chilled cabinets. Miaow!

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan
Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

Above the freezer section in 7-Eleven, Bugcat Capoo looks down at you upside down, with its cute paws waving at you, as DogDog and White Rabbit look on – this freezer section is literally very ‘cool’.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

Look down below the counter where you pay and you’ll even see Bugcat and DogDog dressed up in 7-Eleven employee uniforms (we aren’t sure how they serve all that coffee though with their paws)!

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

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Bugcat Capoo coffee and cafe seating area

Like all the most popular themed 7-Elevens in Taiwan, the Bugcat Capoo 7-11 has its own branded coffee cups and 7-Eleven cafe seating area. Alas, there is no 3D latte art but hey, what do you expect for NT$47 a cup (around £1.10 / $1.45 USD).

If you do want a foam Bugcat Capoo or 3D latte art, be sure to check out the Bugcat Capoo Foam Cat Cafe in Taichung >

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan coffee cup

We sometimes find it quite hard to get a seat in the 7-Eleven Bugcat Capoo cafe. During peak times there can be a mix of people holding business meetings, doing selfies or just generally loitering. Some were even just there to use the microwave and eat their own food – cheeky!

The seating area has character faces on all the seats and tables – the 7-Eleven City Cafe coffee cups contain all your favourite Bugcat Capoo characters.

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

These coffee cups are exclusively available at this themed store – the outer cardboard sleeve where you hold it makes a great (and light) souvenir.

So far, we’ve also managed to find (and drink) exclusive 7-11 Snoopy, Mofusand and Ultraman coffee cups at Taipei 7-Elevens.

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Bugcat Capoo Merchandise

As you would expect, there is a bounty of Bugcat Capoo merchandise to buy in this 7-Eleven (along with lots of other character merch like Sanrio Hello Kitty and Mofusand).

We really liked the fact all the merchandise shelving is shaped to look like a giant blue Bugcat Capoo, complete with huge cat ears.

Bugcat Capoo plushie
Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven store in Taipei, Taiwan

Example Bugcat Capoo merchandise you can buy includes:

  • Bugcat Capoo plushies and pillows
  • Coffee cup caps
  • Purses and wallets
  • Bags and napsacks
  • DogDog seating cushions
  • Tissue dispensers
  • Stickers and magnets
  • Bugcat Capoo blue digital radio
  • Black Bugcat snow globe
  • Wooden rubber stamps
  • Chinese New Year cards and stickers
Bugcat Capoo plushie
Bugcat Capoo merchandise

We spent around 30 minutes in the store exploring and enjoying our coffees and in that time, we saw quite a few Bugcat merchandise purchases. One lady was even weighed down buying two huge plushies!

The prices of Bugcat Capoo goods varies but you could buy purses for around NT$200 and the coffee cup stoppers for just over NT$100 – the larger plushies were a LOT more expensive though.

Bugcat Capoo blackcat snow globe
Bugcat Capoo bag
Bugcat Capoo poker card deck

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Themed Toilet

Nope, we aren’t talking ‘kitty’ litter – the attention to detail is so good, this Taipei Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven even has a branded toilet area – we ‘sh*t’ you not! Bugcat Capoo’s stickers and vinyls are all around the toilet area.

Bugcat Capoo 7-eleven taipei

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Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven opening hours in Taipei

Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven is open 24 hours so you can bear witness to the brilliance of Bugcat Capoo day or night!

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