Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Mofusand, the cutest cartoon cat now has their own Mofusand 7-Eleven themed store in Taipei – time to head to Taiwan right ‘miaow’!

One of the newest themed 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, Mofusand the cat Chiikawa and Koupen Chan the penguin (and their adorable sushi / onigiri hats) are all brought to life in-store with Mofusand plush merchandise available and much more. Wait until you see the Mofusand themed cafe area and seats…

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Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

From Mofusand to Hello Kitty stores, 7-Elevens in Taiwan are like no other 7-11s in the world. They have over 100 themed 7-Elevens including characters like Pokémon, Peanuts plus Taiwan’s own Bugcat Capoo 7-Eleven.

Here is our guide to the new Mofusand 7-Eleven near Ximen in Taipei, Taiwan with photos and map:

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Who is Mofusand?

For those of you who haven’t heard of or seen Mofusand before (seriously?), it is a super cute Japanese kawaii kitten and friends who wear funny headwear like sharks or onigiri.

There are Mofusand cafes in Japan, plus various collaborations like Mofusand Japan Uniqlo t-shirts – now Taiwan has its first Mofusand 7-Eleven!

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Mofusand is a super cute cat and friends, created by the Japanese illustrator Juno – their official Mofusand Instagram account has over 700k followers.

A charming Kawaii creation, “Mofu” means “fluffy” in Japanese. Mofusand and friends are most famous for wearing a cool and cute collection of hats and costumes, from shark outfits to onigiri headwear – and yes, you can buy Mofusand plush toys and souvenirs with these original outfits.

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Where is the Mofusand 7-Eleven in Taiwan?

There are over 7,000 7-Elevens in Taiwan, and Taipei is home to the Mofusand themed 7-Eleven.

Mofusand is actually a fairly new themed 7-Eleven (it opened late 2023 / early 2024), as it used to be a Detective Conan themed 7-Eleven.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Having visited it as Detective Conan before and now in 2024 as Mofusand, we know which we prefer (Mofusand all the way – such a fun feline and cool cat!)

The Mofusand 7-Eleven Taipei store is close to the Ximending entertainment district or Taipei Main Station and can be found on the Google Maps link here >

Alternatively search for ‘7-ELEVEN 開博門市’.

The full Mofusand 7-Eleven Taipei address is 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Kaifeng Street, 42號1樓

The nearest station to this store is Taipei Main Station, Exit Z10 – it is less than a 5 minute walk from the station to this cat-tastic Kawaii 7-Eleven.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

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Arriving at the Mofusand 7-Eleven Store

Could this be the most ‘purr-fect’ thing to do in Taipei? The Mofusand 7-Eleven is easy to spot as the first thing you see in the window is the super cute cafe and seating area, plus all the merchandise on the left hand side of the doorway.

There are so many souvenirs to look at so no cat-napping in here!

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Mofusand theming and branding is very apparent straight away. Look up and you’ll see the best 7-Eleven character store ceiling installation we’ve ever seen – a huge Mofusand light, with Mofusand wearing a shark outfit plus possibly a whale outfit.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Alas unlike the nearby Hello Kitty 7-Eleven stores which are a short walk away, there is no huge Mofusand outside or cool window graphics – we think this is a missed opportunity but hey, this stall is very compact with limited space so we kind of understand why.

This 7-11 is packed with wonderful wall graphics plus oodles of Mofusand merchandise, racked on very cute cat-shaped cabinets and shelves.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

 If you love all things cartoon characters like Hello Kitty or Peanuts, there is a huge range of other Kawaii cartoon souvenirs to buy too (including 7-Eleven’s own Open Chan character plushies, unique to Taiwan).

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Mofusand Theming

Literally every wall is covered in Mofusand, mainly wearing a shark outfit – fin-tastic! Plus paw prints across the store and floor.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024
Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

 From the above the chiller cabinets and fridges to the 7-Eleven ATM at the back, no surface is left uncovered – there is even a Mofusand seemingly peering out from the side of the cigarette display (bit odd).

Unlike other 7-Eleven stores, this inner city convenience store has no themed toilet to use plus there are no actual Mofusand models or statues to pose with

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024
Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

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Mofusand 7-Eleven Coffee and Cafe Area

This has to be one of the unique 7-Elevens in the world – the seating area and cafe is almost like a Mofusand museum as all the tables and chairs are themed with cute cat characters.

Even the chairs are special Mofusand seats with cat’s faces on theme. Plus there is plenty of merchandise to browse (more on this in a moment).

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

One of the neat things about this 7-Eleven store is that it’s currently the only 7-11 in the world where you can drink out of Mofusand branded coffee cups and drinks sleeves.

We kept our Mofusand coffee cup sleeve as an easy souvenir (very light and takes up so little room in our suitcase).

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

Coffees start from just NT$45 (around £1 / $1.40 USD) so are very good value – literally everyone in the cafe was drinking Mofusand coffee.

Note there are only three tables in the cafe here as it is a small downtown 7-Eleven so it can be difficult to get a seat during busy periods.

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Mofusand 7-Eleven merchandise

If you are a Mofusand collector or super-fan, you are in for a treat as the Mofusand 7-Eleven in Taipei is packed full of Mofusand merch, from plushies through to notepads and pin badges.

As well as Mofusand branding across the entire store (and we mean LITERALLY everywhere), there is a huge collection of official Mofusand merchandise to buy starting from 99 TWD for a small Mofusand badge.

We opted to get a Mofusand shark head reusable shopping bag as it was too cute not to buy.

Mofusand 7-Eleven Themed Store in Taipei Guide + Photos 2024

There is a small seating area with cat chairs and tables plus a huge Mofusand motif on the ceiling.

We drank our Mofusand 7-Eleven coffee staring at the merchandise just amazed at how popular this branch was – people were buying huge kitty plushies and more.

Other character merchandise is also available in this store including Sanrio characters, Pokémon, Ultraman, Pompompuri, Winnie The Pooh and Dragon Ball.

Example Mofusand merchandise in this 7-Eleven includes:

Mofusand plushies – big and small

Mofusand keyrings including hamster and taiyaki Mofusand

Mofusand keyrings including hamster and taiyaki Mofusand

Mofusand passport covers

Mofusand passport covers

Mofusand drink holder

Mofusand coasters

Mofusand wooden coasters

Mofusand drink bag

Mofusand purse

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Cute EasyCards

Here at Taiwanderers, we love all the cute EasyCard designs you can buy. If you don’t know already, EasyCard is a cashless payment card you can use across Taiwan on public transport, in convenience stores, taxis and more – read our guide to using Taiwan EasyCard here >

This 7-Eleven had one of the best collections of crazy and cute Taiwan EasyCards we’ve ever seen from Kanahei’s Small Animals to Peanuts, Hello Kitty EasyCards to Doraemon.

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Mofusand Gachapon

Finally, outside the store, you’ll also see a range of gachapon capsule toys featuring Mofusand and friends, costing NT$120. This was on the cheapest souvenirs available, if you don’t fancy a huge plush.

Mofusand Gachapon Taiwan

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Mofusand 7-Eleven Opening Hours

The Mofusand 7-Eleven in Taipei near Ximending is open 24 hours.

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