Zhengbin Fishing Harbor & Port in Keelung, Taiwan Guide

Taiwan’s most colourful village and port, Zhengbin Fishing Harbor in Keelung is a kaleidoscope of rainbow and pastel colors, reminiscent of Burano in Italy.

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Zhengbin Fishing Harbor & Port in Keelung, Taiwan

A popular Keelung tourist attraction and less than one hour away from Taipei, the colorful houses of Zhengbin Fishing Harbor (AKA Zhengbin Port Color Houses – 正濱漁港) are a popular Keelung Instagram and social media selfie spot.

From its history to other nearby attractions (like the weird and wonderful ‘hot-dog’ bus-stop), here is our guide to Zhengbin Fishing Harbor village in Keelung, Taiwan.

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How to get to Zhengbin Fishing Harbour 正濱漁港

If you are already in Keelung, the best way to get to Heping Island GeoPark is by bus from Keelung City Bus Station, just across the road from Keelung Train station.

The quickest bus to Zhengbin Fishing Harbour from Keelung station is bus 791 – you can board from the bus stop near Keelung Station (Chenghuang Temple – a 3 minute walk away). Alight at Zhongzheng Road Zhengbin Road bus stop for Zhengbin Fishing Harbour.

Alternatively, take bus 101 or bus 103 to Heping Bridge (Indigenous Assembly Hall) stop.

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor & Port in Keelung, Taiwan

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If you are visiting Zhengbin Fishing Harbour / Keelung, trains from Taipei Main Station to Keelung depart very regularly.

We also found that the buses from certain parts of downtown Taipei (such as Nanjing and Zhongshan) were in fact a quicker way of getting to Keelung than the train from Taipei Main Station.

So definitely check Google Maps or the official Go! Taipei Metro app to see which is the quickest and best route for you to Keelung if you are staying in Taipei.

Taiwanderers Tip
Grab a Taiwan EasyCard as a convenient way to use buses and public transport in Keelung (plus across Taipei and Taiwan). They can be easily topped up at stations and convenience stores and come in lots of cute designs.

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Arriving at Keelung’s Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

We visited Zhengbin port in Keelung after a trip to nearby Heping Island GeoPark, which is also well worth a visit (read about Heping Island here).

Given all the colorful rainbow houses overlooking the port, It isn’t hard to spot the fishing port from the bus or when you arrive on foot.

There are around 15 rainbow coloured houses and thin apartment blocks in a variety of striking colours (especially when they are lit by sunshine).

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor & Port in Keelung, Taiwan

The first thing you notice (other than the vivid village) is the rainbow reflections in the water and the sheer number of people taking group photos. It is also a beautiful spot to watch the fishing boats return into port at sunset.

Upon first glimpse, you kind of forget you are in Taiwan as it genuinely feels like Burano in Venice.

For the best views, walk down the steps from the main road to the main part of the harbor below or escape the crowds and take some shots from nearby Heping Bridge.

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History of Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

Once Taiwan’s biggest shipping port, Keelung’s Zhengbin Fishing Harbor was built around 1934 during the Japanese colonial era.

Over the years, other Keelung and Taiwan fishing ports have become more prominent but Zhengbin Fishing Harbor is still a working port and we spotted several trawlers and fishing boats returning on our afternoon visit.

It has become a popular Keelung tourist attraction as it feels like taking a step back in time, like a well preserved piece of Taiwan coastal history (and so different from all the new changes in Keelung like the recently opened Great Food Town Keelung, a waterfront dining and shopping complex).

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor & Port in Keelung, Taiwan

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The best time of day to visit Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

It is the sunlight that really brings to life the colorful village and rainbow harbor of Zhengbin Fishing Harbor.

Based on our experience, we found that the sun was dipping behind the houses late in the afternoon so the best time to visit Zhengbin Fishing Harbor is in the morning, for full on sunshine (creating radiant rainbow houses) – this is also when it is quieter, before the tour buses or cruise ship passengers have arrived.

There are also lots of cool bars and cafes around Zhengbin Fishing Harbor that light up at night so it is still worth visiting in the evening, especially if you want some brews with views.

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Taiwan’s most creative bus stop in Keelung

As well as all the selfie takers and group photos in front of the colorful houses in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor, another popular photo shoot is the American diner / hot-dog themed bus stop in the port.

In fact, when we visited, there was even a professional photo-shoot taking place with a group of young men and women doing funny poses in and around the hot-dog bus-stop. It felt like watching the intro to a US sitcom!

American diner t-ham bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Keelung Taiwan
American diner t-ham bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Keelung Taiwan

This particular Keelung bus-stop is covered in American diner style graphics and is a homage to the hotdog. There are several other themed bus stops in Keelung including a technology themed one down the road at City God Temple.

In case you are wondering, the hotdog themed bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor is actually sponsored by Taiwan Farm Industry Co and shows different cuts of meat. It is to encourage tourism and selfie pics but also create funds for Keelung’s transport infrastructure through bus-stop sponsorship.

American diner t-ham bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Keelung Taiwan
American diner t-ham bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Keelung Taiwan
American diner t-ham bus stop in Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Keelung Taiwan

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Taiwan’s other colorful rainbow villages

It isn’t just Zhengbin Fishing Harbor that is known as Taiwan’s rainbow village – there are another couple of colourful villages in Taiwan worth a visit:

Gushan Fish Market, Kaohsiung

If you are taking the short ferry ride to Cijin Island from Kaohsiung Gushan Ferry Pier, be sure to keep an eye out for the rainbow houses across the water, part of Gushan Fish Market.

The ferry from Kaohsiung to Cijin Island in 2024 is only is 20 TWD one way when paid by EasyCard, or 30 TWD when paid either via cash. It is worth it for the waterside view of Gushan Fish Market alone but Cijin Island also has many things to do.

Gushan Fish Market, Kaohsiung

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Rainbow Village, Taichung

The Rainbow Village in Taichung is perhaps Taiwan’s most famous rainbow and Instagram hotspot but is it worth visiting?

After a recent spate of vandalism at the Rainbow Village Taiwan (ironically by those who were paid to look after it), many of the original features have now been painted over or replaced with crochet coverings completed by the local school and artists.

Still incredibly popular with dozens of tourists filing through during our visit (with even an impromptu performance by a mysterious singing Iron Man), it remains one of the most popular things to do in Taichung (and certainly the most colourful attraction)!

From opening times to how to get there plus photos of the new artwork, here is our ultimate guide to visiting Taiwan’s Rainbow Village >

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor and colorful port opening times

The fishing harbor is free to visit and open 24 hours a day – please remember this is a residential area and working harbor so please be respectful of people’s home and businesses.

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