Taipei Tian Jin Scallion Pancakes in Yongkang Street 2024

Hungry and looking for a hidden gem of a hawker stall in Taipei? Then try Tian Jin Scallion Flaky Pancakes (map) on Taipei’s famous Yongkang Street, one of Taiwan’s top food destinations.

Also known as green onion pancakes, we love Taiwan scallion pancakes but found them a little hit and miss, especially in tourist areas like Sun Moon Lake where they are clearly frozen and store bought.

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Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

However, having eaten dozens of Taiwan scallion pancakes in our time, we still rate Yongkang Street’s Tian Jin Scallion Pancakes as the best in Taipei, if not Taiwan. Tasty and flipping flaky AF, we return to Tian Jin every time we are back in Taipei.

Better still, it is one of the cheapest street-foods in Taipei, starting from just $NT30 a flaky spring onion pancake (£0.75p or $0.90 USD) in 2024.

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

Here is our guide to the top Taiwan scallion pancake stall, Taipei Tian Jin Scallion Pancakes on YongKang street + photos

P.S. The word is out so expect long queues at Tian Jin – although nothing on the scale of the famous Fuhang Soy Milk.

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Where is Tian Jin Scallion Pancakes in Taipei?

Located in Taipei City in the Da’an District, Tian Jin scallion pancakes can be found along Yongkang Street – famous for its food scene, cute cafe and oodles of noodles, Yongkang Street is one of the must visit places when visiting Taipei (or eating).

Yongkang Street

The closest Taiwan Metro station to Yongkang Street and Tian Jin is Dongmen MRT station, exit 5. This is on the red Tamsui – Xinyi line.

Address – Tian Jin Onion Pancakes, No. 1號, Lane 6, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 (map)

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Arriving at Yongkang Street and Tian Jin

In search of the perfect Taiwan scallion pancake? Then follow your nose along Yongkang street – as you exit from Dongmen Station, head down Yongkang Street and you’ll see Tian Jin pancake stall on your right usually manned by several older ladies (or Taiwan ‘aunties’).

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street
Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

Given its popularity and given it features on numerous Taipei food tours, there can be long queues at Tian Jin (we’ve seen as many as 40 people in line) but not always.

The queue also goes quite quickly as the staff know how to serve up flaky scallion pancakes super fast!

We also found the queue isn’t too bad before or after the lunchtime rush – either way, it is worth the wait for these yummy Yongkang street scallion pancakes in Taipei.

And even though this is usually a breakfast dish, Tian Jin hawker stall is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

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What is a Scallion Pancake in Taiwan?

One of the simplest yet most delicious street foods, scallion pancakes in Taiwan (also known as green onion pancakes) are made from a doughy mix using flour, oil, water, salt and usually green onions / scallions (although you can have it without).

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

At Tian Jin, they have a special pancake stamping machine which flattens the dough ball into a flatter round shape, ready to be fried on the griddle.

They are cooked on a hot plate, often in front of you (as is the case in Tian Jin pancakes) – the texture is flaky on the outside and soft and slightly chewy on the inside – in a word, simple but delicious!

A popular breakfast dish that is similar to a roti, scallion pancakes often are wrapped into rolls with extra ingredients like ham, cheese and salad, often served with a slightly spicy sauce.

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

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Tian Jin – the tastiest Taiwan flaky scallion pancakes in Taipei

There are hundreds of flaky pancake hawker stalls in Taipei, but Tian Ji is still the tastiest pancake for us – it is such a cheap snack yet so satisfying and can be eaten easily on the street.

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

Whilst many Taiwan scallion pancakes can be very greasy and flavourless, Tian Ji on YongKang Street is flavourful with just the right texture and balance of flaky dough and savoury sumptuousness (try saying that after several pancakes).

Our recommended Tian Jia scallion pancake flavour is Taiwanese basil and egg with their famous spicy sauce. The Taiwanese basil packs some punch and the spicy sauce just brings it to life. It is so freaking delicious – nom nom!

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Flaky scallion pancake flavours and prices at Tian Ji

Whilst you are in the queue, the serving staff will often take your order early so that by the time you get to the hatch, your scallion pancake is either ready for you immediately or very close.

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

The Tian Ji onion pancake menu is in Chinese plus there are English language versions – so ordering is easy and you can just point to what you want. There is no need for Google Translate here!

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

Pancakes start from NT$30 at Tian Ji for a plain flaky pancake through to NT$60 for ‘everything’ / the works or corn, cheese and egg – all prices are correct as of summer 2024.

The full Tian Ji pancake price list and flavours are as follows:

  • Original pancake – NT$30
  • Pancake with egg – NT$40
  • Scallion Pancake with Taiwanese Basil and Egg* – NT$50
  • Ham and egg- NT$50
  • Cheese and egg – NT$50
  • Corn and egg – NT$50
  • Everything – NT$60
  • Corn, cheese and egg – NT$60

*Our recommended choice!

Taipei Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancakes on Yonkang street

As there are so many good food choices and cool cafes along Yongkang Street like Hao Kung Tao Chin Chi Yuan and Smoothie House, maybe just start with a Taiwanese scallion pancake at Tian Ji and then eat your way around Yongkang Street – you’re welcome!

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Try these Yongkang street food tours

Yongkang Street is easy to explore yourself but if you’d like some local experience and authentic Taiwanese food, try these Yongkang foodie tours:

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Things to do near Yongkang Street in Taipei and  Tian Jin Flaky Pancake Stall

Rongjin Gorgeous Time

A short 10 minute walk from Yongkang street brings you to Rongjin Gorgeous Time, a sublime street-mall and hipster village in Taipei that  is full of cool cafes, decadent dessert shops plus gorgeous gift stores galore.

Opened in late 2022 and located on the site of a former prison built in the early 1900s during the Japanese colonial period, Taipei’s Rongjin Gorgeous Time Japanese style buildings has quickly become one of Taipei’s coolest hangouts and characterful creative districts (and often a lot less busy than Huashan 1914 Creative Park).

Popular with shoppers and coffee connoisseurs, the architecture and Japanese influences here make this a popular Instagram posing place.

You can even rent Japanese kimonos at Rongjin Gorgeous Time using the traditional setting and wooden exteriors as a beautiful backdrop reminiscent of Kyoto.

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Daan Park

A green oasis in a very busy city, Daan Forest Park is a sprawling open space popular with families and walkers.

 Daan Forest Park Taipei

It has an outdoor auditorium, numerous fitness facilities and running tracks plus lots of flora and fauna including a eco-pond which is home to hundreds of birds (it is incredible to see).

We were also lucky enough to visit the 2024 Daan Park Azalea festival in Taipei where the park blooms into life with colorful floral displays of awesome azalea attracting thousands of visitors (and butterflies!)

Daan Park Azalea festival in Taipei

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