Taiwan Receipt Lottery 2024 Guide for Travelers

The Taiwan Receipt Lottery could be your ‘jackpot’ whilst traveling in Taiwan.

Also referred to as the Uniform Receipt Lottery, Lottery tickets on receipts are ‘free’ with any purchase and a top prize of NT$10 million (around £250k / $310k USD) is up for grabs every couple of months with thousands of smaller prizes.

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Taiwan Receipt Lottery

So next time you are shopping in a Taiwan 7-Eleven, having a coffee at Taipei 101 or even grabbing a McDonalds, you could win the national Taiwan Receipt Lottery.

In early 2024, someone bought a NT$35 dessert in a 7-Eleven in Tainan and won the NT$10million jackpot – so it can happen!

From how to play to the prize values, here is our guide to the Taiwan Receipt Lottery in 2024.

And remember, make sure you keep EVERY receipt in Taiwan if you are serious about winning the Taiwan Receipt Lottery as prizes are announced usually a couple of months later, potentially after you’ve left Taiwan.

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What is the Taiwan Receipt Lottery?

Also known as the Uniform Receipt Lottery, the Taiwan Receipt Lottery is administered by Taiwan Ministry of Finance and is an attempt to encourage spending across Taiwan (and also encourage shoppers to buy in shops that pay their taxes).

You are given a Taiwan Receipt Lottery ticket with every purchase made in Taiwan if you are due a receipt. You should automatically receive a Taiwan Lottery Receipt with every purchase, from 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and McDonalds, to tourism attractions like Taipei 101.

That said, we did see that some convenience store clerks (not many but a few) did seem to keep receipts for themselves to maybe increase their chances – so make sure you get your lottery receipt if you intend to play.

Taiwan law states that any businesses that have a monthly turnover of NT$200k must issue lottery receipt with purchases – although there are some exceptions like public transport top-up machines.

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What is the Taiwan Receipt Lottery prize amount?

In 2024, the Taiwan Receipt Lottery jackpot and special prize is NT$10 million for matching all 8 numbers of the special prize winning ticket – there is also a second grand prize of NT$2 million.

The full list of prizes can be found below, drawn every two months:

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Prize AmountsTaiwan Receipt Lottery Prize AmountsUK / US Equivalent
Special Prize x 1 – match all 8 numbersNT$10,000,000 x 1£250k / $310k USD
Grand prize x 1 – match all 8 numbersNT$2,000,000 x 1£50k / $62k USD
First Prize x 1 – match all 8 numbersNT$200,000x 1£5k / $6,200 USD
Second prizes – match last 7 numbers on first prize ticketNT$40,000£1k / $1,200 USD
Third prizes – match 6 last numbers on first prize ticketNT$10,000£250 / $300 USD
Fourth prizes – match 5 last numbers on first prize ticketNT$4,000£100 / $120 USD
Fifth prizes – match 4 last numbers on first prize ticketNT$1,000£25 / $30 USD
Sixth prizes – match 3 last numbers on first prize ticketNT$200£5 / $6 USD

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Can foreigners / travellers win the Taiwan Lottery?

Yes, travelers and foreigners can win the Taiwan Receipt Lottery but there is a small catch – you must be in the country to collect your winnings. So as the draw is usually held several weeks after your purchases, it may only be worth flying back to collect your winnings if it is a major prize.

To receive your Taiwan Receipt Lottery prize money, you must retain your original receipt, complete the details at the back and then submit it with ID.

For smaller prizes below NT$1,000, you can go to any of the major Taiwan convenience stores.

For bigger prizes, head to selected banks (First Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of Taiwan or Chang Hwa Commercial Bank), or a Ministry of Tax Taiwan branch office.

Note that 20% tax is taken from the top 6 prize categories including the special and grand prize (BOOOOO, bad taxman!)

Taiwan Receipt Lottery

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How often is the lottery?

The Taiwan Receipt Lottery is held every two months, with the prize announcement made on the 25th of every ‘odd’ month (ie January, March, May, July, September and November).

So for instance, if you bought something in March and April 2024 and kept the lottery receipts, the winning announcement was made on 25 May 2024.

The claim period for the Taiwan Receipt Lottery lasts for 3 months, start from the 6th of the next month after the announcement.

So for the draw on 25 May 2024 for instance, the prize claim period is 6 June 2024 to 6th September 2024 and so on.

Taiwan Receipt Lottery

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How to read your lottery ticket

All of the Taiwan Receipt Lottery tickets follow a very similar format, with the shop name or attraction at the very top then the words Uniform Invoice in Mandarin below.

Below the Mandarin, you’ll see the Chinese (in this case 113 = 2024), and then the months – so in this case, 03-04 to represent March and April.

The Taiwan Receipt Lottery number is 8 digits – if you match all of these, you’ve won BIG! Get back on that plane to Taiwan now!

Taiwan Receipt Lottery

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Donating your lottery tickets

If you aren’t going to be around when the draw is announced (or you think it’s a faff to check), you can donate your receipt tickets to locals or hotel staff as tips – some travelers leave them to cleaning staff in their rooms as a sort of tip after they’ve gone.

We’ve stayed in a couple of hotels in Taipei (including GreenWorld) where there is a box in reception where you can leave your tickets and any winnings will (probably) get donated to Taiwan good causes (or maybe the hotel staff weekend drinks fund!).

Taiwan Receipt Lottery

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How to check if you’ve won the Taiwan Receipt Lottery

The winning numbers are announced on the 25th of every odd month – if you type into Google ‘Taiwan Receipt Lottery results’, there are often several news websites that will appear with the winning numbers.

Alternatively, the Ministry of Finance in Taiwan update this list of winning numbers every couple of months – it doesn’t appear in Google’s News Feed so best to bookmark if if this is your preferred resource.

There are various apps and websites where you can enter your Taiwan Receipt Lottery numbers but to be honest, if you have lots, it is quickest to do it manually.

Our recommended method is to look for the big prizes first (so check your tickets first numbers against the jackpots) then go again and check the last 3 numbers for the smaller prizes. And remember to recycle your losing receipts afterwards.

Taiwan Receipt Lottery

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Other things to know

  • Given you get a receipt / ticket for literally every purchase or convenience store visit), these can accumulate – so you may start a collection in your travel wallet or at the back of your travel book.
  • Remember you need the actual ticket to claim a prize – photographs of the tickets will not suffice.
  • If you win big, it is definitely worth your time to buy a flight back to Taiwan and collect your prize.
  • The Taiwan Receipt Lottery is the equivalent of around 3% of the annual taxation income the Ministry of Finance receive in taxes
  • Finally, remember you’ve got to be in it to win it! And you could win big with just a small purchase – so go on, have that 7-Eleven chocolate bar or FamilyMart fizz.

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