44 South Military Village in Taipei (Xinyi), Taiwan – Guide + Photos

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A historic village juxtaposed against the modem metropolis that is Taipei’s Xinyi District, the 44 South Military Village ( 四四南村) is like taking a step back in time  – almost a world away from the nearby gleaming skyscrapers and CBD cityscape.

44 South Military Village in Taipei

Akin to a central city cultural hub (although not on the scale of say Huashan 1914 Creative Park), 44 South Military Village is home to a theatre, gift shops and numerous cafes and coffee shops plus also hosts the occasional weekend market.

It is one of the best places to view Taipei 101 from afar, with the tall tower easily viewed from the historic courtyards and alley-ways here – and better yet, it is free to visit with pleasant parks and gardens all around.

From cafe culture to history, illuminations to markets, here is our ultimate 44 South Military Village in Taipei + photos:

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History of 44 South Military Village

Formerly the residential area for members (and their families) of the 44th Arsenal of the Combined Logistics Command, the village was the very first military village to be built in central Taipei.

In the late 1940s, hundreds of thousands of military personnel and their families had to be housed so military villages were constructed (there is even a Four Four West Military Village).

44 South Military Village Taipei

Sadly many of these military villages have been demolished over the intervening years (‘progress’, eh) so the ones that still survive have now been listed and preserved, almost becoming cultural hubs and creative parks.

Similar to the story of the ‘Rainbow Village’ in Taichung‘, the village was set to be bulldozed at the turn of the century but a campaign was instigated to keep the residential intact as a heritage estate.

44 South Military Village still houses some residents but many of the former homes and facilities have been turned into cafes or small businesses and shops.

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How to get to 44 South Military Village

Located in Taipei’s Xinyi District (near Taipei 101), the nearest Metro station to 44 South Military Village is Taipei 101 / World Trade Center Metro station on the red Tamsui–Xinyi line.

It is a 3 minute walk from exit 2 of the metro station.

Alternatively, you can take buses 22, 37 and 282 directly  from Taipei Main Station and alight at the Taipei World Trade Center (Zhuangjing) bus stop.

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What to expect / things to do at 44 South Military Village

“Attention”! There are lots of things to do whilst visiting the military village, particularly if you visit at the weekend when an artists market takes place in the main courtyard.

Some of the best activities include:

The best spot to see Taipei 101

The juxtaposition of the old and new Taipei on display here is unparalleled – there are lots of village vantage points where you can see / photograph the historic buildings against the more modern Taipei 101.

There are also several seating spots and benches located in the main courtyard / plaza or in the small parklets dotted around the site, meaning you can sit down and admire the cityscape from afar.

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PLAYground Theatre, Bookstore and Design Gift Shop / Nancun Theatre

Located in the old Air Administration Building, PLAY(ground) has transformed several of the old buildings into creative art spaces including a beautiful bookstore (it feels very Eslite) and gorgeous gift shop

The PLAYground Theatre regularly plays host to comedies, musicals and dramas whilst the Design Shop next to the theater is curated by ‘Udesign’ and showcases a whole host of gadgets and cool creations.

Find out more about Xinyi’s Playground Theater at their official site (including future shows) here >

Street art

We also spotted several Taipei street art spots at the 44 South Military Village including this sublime street art scene next to the PLAYground theatre – it reminded us a little of Georgetown / Penang or Ipoh in Malaysia.

44 South Military Village street art

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Within the village, there are several cafes and coffee shops to sup and sit down in including:

GOOD CHO’s Xinyi Shop

A cafe and bakery / bagel store with a gift shop to boot – very popular, particularly with students and local workers.

GOOD CHO's Xinyi Shop 44 South Military Village
GOOD CHO's Xinyi Shop 44 South Military Village


A cute coffee shop with a takeout counter – grab a cup of char, spin around 180 degrees and admire Taipei 101 with a tea or two.

Cupfy 44 South Military Village

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44 South Military Village Weekend market

We visited the historic military village in Taipei / Xinyi a couple of times during our last visit to Taipei in April 2024.

44 South Military Village Weekend Edgeman Market

As well as visiting one weekday morning, we went to 44 South Military Village on a Saturday (on our way to Simple Kaffa Sola at the top of Taipei 101) and discovered a cool Saturday market – the Edgeman Market.

The Edgeman Market pops up all over Taipei and is a collective of artists and creative individuals who sell their artisan crafts or artwork. There were also several second hand clothing stores plus live music and a fantastic flower stall.

44 South Military Village Weekend Edgeman Market
44 South Military Village Weekend Edgeman Market


Prints and stamps are very popular in Taiwan and we’ve spotted / stamped them everywhere, from the new Taiwan National Museum of Comics in Taichung to the new harbourside dining complex in Keelung –  Great Food Town Keelung.

We are pleased to say you can get your very own 44 South Military Village stamps here!

44 South Military Village Stamps

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Exhibition Hall / Xinyi Assembly Hall

The military village has a small exhibition hall which hosts temporary exhibitions and permanent galleries.

44 South Military Village Light Show – ‘Light Up Nancun There is Light’

At the time of our visit in April 2024, there was a nightly light show on the side of the Xinyi Civic Centre within the village, every night at 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm and 8:30pm lasting 15 minutes.

Local artists have create artworks depicting the history of the villages plus Taiwanese cultural references turning the walls of the military village into giant ‘sustainable’ art canvases’.

44 South Military Village Light Show - ‘Light Up Nancun There is Light’

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The surrounding parks and gardens on the village environs have many statues and public displays of art including a statue called ‘The Grace of Nurturing’ by Wang Zhaowang.

44 South MIlitary Village statues Taipei
44 South MIlitary Village statues Taipei

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How much is the admission fee /entrance to 44 South MIlitary Village?

Xinyi’s Forty Four Military village is free entry – it is one of the best free things to do in Taipei’s Xinyi District.

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44 South Military Village Taipei opening hours

The official opening hours of Taipei’s 44 South Military Village 四四南村 are 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays).

However, it is ‘open’ 24 hours a day but please remember this is a residential area too so please be respectful of people’s privacy and private property.

good cho's 44 South Military Village Taipei

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Is it worth visiting 44 Village?

Yes, absolutely – if you want to explore the downtown area / Xinyi, this is a great place to start to view Taipei 101 from afar and learn more about the local area’s history. It is pleasant respite from the usual hustle and bustle of the CBD and inner-city traffic (and mopeds).

The best time to visit 44 South Military Village is at the weekend, when all the cafes and coffee shops are open and hopefully a weekend market too.

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Other things to know about Taipei’s Forty Four South Military Village

  • There are free toilets available to use inside, near the PLAYground Theatre
  • Dogs are allowed must be kept on a lease

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44 South Military Village Address 四四南村

No. 52號, Songqin St, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

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